Martyr Hassan Mohamed Omar Who Was Killed By A Hired Killer

Martyr Hassan Mohamed Omar Who Was Killed By A Hired Killer

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Last week saw the disclosure of one of the atrocities of the defunct regime which always flayed us with its claims that it represented Islam and behaved according to the noble religion’s tenets.

That is when it was revealed that the security organ of that regime had contracted a professional killer to liquidate its peaceful opponents. 

Attorney General Taj Alsir Alhibir, in an opening address to the first hearing in the court case of Martyr Hassan Mohamed Omar, who was killed in cold blood by a hired killer, said the accused has no military rank in the Armed Forces, nor in any of the military or police forces. He was simply a hired killer for a monthly pay of 10,000 pounds, as he personally confessed during the prosecution investigations.

The martyr (22) was a medicine student about to graduate in one year’s time. He lost his life when he was shot with a bullet from “this hired killer” during the mass demonstrations on 25/12/2018 when the streets were compact with peaceful processions in protest of the policies of the Bashir regime.

“You will hear the sound of bullets and the voice of the accused hysterically yelling in thirst for human blood,” said the General Attorney, Alhibir.

“Sirs, you will also see the accused running, a lethal weapon in his hand, waving it right and left as if he were in a battle zone with a foreign enemy,” said Alhibir.

He, the defendant, was seeking to instill terror and panic in the hearts of the people. He did not stop there, but continued to open fire in a systematic manner to kill the regime opponents.

The forensic report reveals that the victim was shot in the neck, a shot that tore the larynx, ripped apart the gullet and cut the spine after it broke into pieces the neck vertebras seven and eight. The bullet had entered from the front and exited from the back. The martyr was declared dead on 12/1/2019.          

Alhibir added that the Attorney General Office is accusing the hired killer of premeditated killing and crimes against humanity.

He asked the court not “to take mercy upon such killers, in order for such crimes not to be repeated and for the upcoming generations not to receive a negative message.”

“Life would be better without them, these killers,” said the General Attorney.

It is worth noting that there are hundreds of cases of dead or considered missing persons in the breaking of the revolutionary demonstrations and sit-ins of December 2018 - June 2019, which have not yet been tried in courts. 

This situation is filling the hearts of the families of the victims, their fellow protesters and those who are keen about the elimination of the practices of the ousted regime with a feeling of sadness and with a yearning for the rule of law to prevail.



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