Sudanese Prime Minister Outlines Government Priorities

Sudanese Prime Minister Outlines Government Priorities

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) -  First Vice President-cum-Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakre Hassan Salih, in a statement he made in the National Assembly (Parliament), on Monday outlined the priorities of the National Accord Government in the coming period.

He said, in his first statement before the parliament since formation of the new government, the government would work for finding an end to the remaining conflicts on the basis of the "successful" peace agreements previously concluded by the government and on the outcome of the national dialogue in which the national political forces took part.

The Prime Minister added that his government would introduce measures for confidence-building and provision of guarantees to the opposition for creation of a democratic society with its diverse cultural and social ingredients.

He said the government would guarantee the freedom for the press and maintain peace, development and national gains in collaboration with, and coordination between the Armed Forces, the Police, the National Intelligence and Security Service, the supportive forces and all the spectrum of the Sudanese society.

He went on to say his government's priorities also include addressing and alleviating the negative impacts of the international financial and economic crises on the national economy by reliance on an approved strategy of diversification of the national income resources, achievement of an institutional reform and revision and amendment of the laws of the economic sector besides organizing priorities of the government spending at the national and state levels.

The Premier said his government would be committed to an international partnership that consolidates the regional and international peace and security and serious work for combatting terrorism, money laundering and human trafficking.

The government will also be committed to implementation of the global goals of sustainable development, focusing on the rights of women and children, in addition to abidance by conservation of the environment and climatic change, said Salih, stressing on the importance of taking measures for implementation of the Sudan initiative for achievement of the Arab and African food security.

He said his government would focus on the development of human resources, scientific research and guided training and dissemination of civics and ethics education.

He pledged in his parliamentary statement that his government would create a conducive environment to the media and the civil society organizations for playing an effective role for dissemination of the culture of peace, consolidation of the values of the national security and exercising a constructive criticism that helps the government discharge its mission.

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