Economic Outcome of President Erdogan Visit To Sudan

Economic Outcome of President Erdogan Visit To Sudan

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – The landmark visit to Sudan by His Excellency President Reccep Tayyib Erdogan of Turkey has yielded many significant results.

Besides the cementing of political bilateral relations, the outcome of the three day visit (Sunday-Tuesday,December 24-26, 2017) in the economic field is magnificent. Erdogan delegation has included around 200 businessmen, addition to concerned ministers and experts, a matter that highlights the Turkish leader intention to maximize his country’s investment in this resource-rich country and which also is a gate to Africa, a core concern in Turkey's trade and economic enhancement strategy.

The two sides have taken a milestone decisions and sealed many agreements during the visit including the following:


Businessmen forum
  • President Erdogan pledged to raise the volume of trade exchange between Sudan and Turkey from 500 million dollars to 10 billion dollars within the coming five years.
  • The two presidents announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement between Sudan and Turkey and an agreement on establishment of the high-level strategic cooperation council. They have asserted in a joint press conference, by the end of their talks at the Presidential Palace on Sunday, that the council will play a pivotal role in realizing the strategic partnership where it will lay out the constitutional framework for the bilateral cooperation and constitute ad hoc structures and committees to follow up implementation of the agreements under the supervision of the two countries’ foreign ministers. The Council will hold a meeting every year at one of the two countries capitals to put plans and programmes, follow up mode of implementation of the agreements, submit reports on achievements and proposals for overcoming problems.
  • A memo of understanding for cooperation in the field of mining.
  • Agreements in the field of agriculture which is the backbone of Sudan economy and a major concern of Turkey which needs, according to its Minister of Economy Nnihat zeybekci, agricultural raw materials, meat, vegetable, and fruits of the Sudan. A Turkish high level agricultural delegation led by the Deputy Minister for Agriculture has reached Khartoum on the day preceding Erdogan visit. The joint Sudanese Turkish agricultural committee held a meeting on Sunday and settled many issues including revitalization of the 2014 agricultural agreement between the two countries according to which a model project on an area of 12,500 hectares will be implemented in Abu Goota region, Gezira State, and the protocol for training agricultural engineers within which 310 engineers have already been trained.
Nnihat zeybekci
  • The Sudanese- Turkish Business Forum was held at the Friendship Hall on Monday to draw the road map for the economic and trade partnership between the two countries based on common interests. The forum, which was addressed by the ministers of economy and investment of both countries, has presented papers on the preferential privileges of investment in the Sudan, projects prepared for implementation and the Sudanese Businessmen Union’s programme for the development of the exports sector. The forum concluded nine new agreements including cooperation between the Turkish and Sudanese businessmen association, construction of Khartoum’s new airport, establishment of grains silos, establishment of al-Kadarou slaughterhouse in Khartoum Bahri suburb, iron and steel industry, as well as memos of cooperation in the fields of cotton exporting, thermal generation of electricity. President Bashir, who and his Turkish counterpart have attended the agreements signing ceremonies, has announced establishment of a Sudanese Turkish bank to sponsor the Turkis investments in Sudan.
  • President Bashir and President Erdogan witnessed during their visit to the Red Sea State signing of a number of agreements including establishment of a company for ships building, an agreement on cooking gas reception at Port Sudan, an agreement to develop the Ragaba touristic village which lies some 45 km on the Red Sea coastal area and other touristic towns, a decision to refurbish the town of Suakin, a historical town at the Red Sea coast contains Outman archeological sites, so that the town could be a tourist attraction site and maintain its role as a point in the pilgrimage passage as well as other investment deals.
Bashir and Erdogan visiting Sauakin antiquities
  • A protocol for cooperation in the fields of science, technology and industry.
  • A memo of understanding in the field of small and medium-scale businesses.
  • A memo of understanding in the field of policies for immigration and expatriates.
  • Establishment of a Sudanese Turkish university, an institute for health sciences and a school for midwifery in Nyala, South Darfur State of western Sudan in continuation of Turkey’s efforts to develop the war-torn region of Darfur. Angara has established a hospital in Nyala opened in 2014 which served as a model health facility that serves both the locals and the neighbouring countries. Erdogan was the first Muslim leader to visit the strife region in 2006 when he was a prime minister.



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