Five Killed, Over Hundred Injured In The Army Quarters Shootouts

Five Killed, Over Hundred Injured In The Army Quarters Shootouts


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - At least five persons, including a senior army officer, were shot dead and over a hundred others were now confirmed injured in the shoot out that took place late evening Monday. However to the dismay of Sudanese youth and the transitional military council, the perpetrators remain unknown up to now.

The incident occurred after the sunset fast breaking for the Muslims, a time when vigilance wanes among the sit in and military guards around the camping area in Khartoum, near the army headquarters.

With dark falling and people going for a siesta following a long and hot fasting day, the shooting shuttered the calm and serene ambiance. The youth were surprised with a real ammunition resonation, fire coming from various directions and dashing Toyota trucks crashing on makeshift road blockades set by the revolutionaries.

It was too late to react promptly as the element of surprise rested with aggressors. As suddenly and surprisingly as they attacked, the aggressors went into oblivion, an ice cube in the crushing desert heat of Khartoum.

But the Transitional Military Council (TMC) said it has an explanation. It charged in a terse statement that the attack was carried out by “some infiltrators carrying weapons” and that those elements targeted not only the youth but equally the Armed Forces, the Rapid Intervention Forces (RIF), other regular forces with “the aim of creating confusion and sedition.”

Twenty four hours later and nobody could tell who specifically those attackers were. The incident created yet more tension and provided yet more ammunition to fire against the dormant cells of the regime of the deposed president Omar Bashir (June 1989- April 2019).

The Head of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Hashem Ahmed, outlined, Tuesday, in the press conference held by the RIF and the army commanders that the Armed Forces are keen to protect the people's revolution and will not fire a single shot at the people of Sudan.

Meanwhile, the intelligence chief accused “foreign circles and dormant cells of the former regime of the incidents that took place Monday evening and led to the martyrdom of an army officer and a number of protestors,” the official news agency reported.

The TMC Spokesman, Shams al-Din Kabbashi, has underlined that “some circles” were not happy with the progress made in the negotiations between the TMC and the Declaration of Forces of Freedom and Change exploited the situation to create chaos in the country by spreading rumors, and sawing the seed of sedition between the Army and the Rapid Intervention Forces.

Forces of Declaration of Freedom and Change (FDFC) issued Tuesday a statement on the incidents at the sit-in area in front of the armed forces command and other areas “require decisive response” from the Military council.

The revolutionary’s FDFC said the lethal attacks were “a desperate attempt to abort what has been achieved by the  revolutionary forces in the talks with the military council that resulted in an agreement about handing power over to an interim civilian government” in line with the demand of Declaration Of Freedom Of Freedom And Change.

The Military council has however made it clear that it would adopt a number of measures that would frustrate any repeat of those attacks.

“We will adopt a number of measures and procedures that would not allow those seeking to undermine the revolution and the gains of the revolutionary element” the council said in its statement Tuesday.




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