Military Council: A number of military personnel arrested for trial in connection with killing of civilians a week ago

Military Council: A number of military personnel arrested for trial in connection with killing of civilians a week ago

By: Mohamed Osman Adam


Khartoum, (Sudanow)-  The Transitional Military Council on Monday said a number of military personnel have been arrested in connection with the recent bloody attack on pro-democracy protesters that left over sixty, mostly young civilians, dead

A communiqué by the Military Council said a joint committee it formed following the June 3rd dawn raid which was supposed to disperse protesters without using excessive power ended up with shooting on the protesters and using live ammunition that left score dead and drawing wide local and foreign condemnation, has come out with solid evidence on who was responsible.

It said  a joint investigation committee was formed and began its tasks immediately after its formation and reached preliminary evidence against a number of elements from the regular forces who were then placed in military custody, prior to referring them to the judicial authorities in an urgent manner  for trial.

The joint investigation committee included the Military Judiciary, the Attorney General, the Security, Police and the Rapid Support Forces.

The Sudanese Ministry for Health has officially acknowledged the death of at least 61 persons, including three soldiers and one officer, in the commotion and shoot out. But the opposition said it believed “hundreds” were killed and injured and said it holds the council responsible. The Military council denied responsibility and promised to investigate the matter, promptly.

“The full details of the findings will be made public within 72 hours” the Council promised.

The communiqué stressed that the committee was formed within framework of the promise which was made by the Transitional Military Council to the Sudanese people to keep them inform about all the facts related to this event that accompanied the operation carried out to clear the illegal practice, known as Columbia area, and its impact on the sit-in around the General Command.

 “The Transitional Military Council affirms that there will be no delay in bringing to court of law anyone found guilty in accordance with the regulations and laws.” The release said.

The Forces for Freedom and Change, said they will not sit for talks with the council until an independent committee is formed and those responsible for the death of their colleagues are brought to justice


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