Government Says Limited Insurgency Under Control

Government Says Limited Insurgency Under Control

Faisal Mohamed Salih, the government spokesman


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) -The government on Tuesday said a limited insurgency for which the former security chief was accused, has been contained and people should be reassured it would not derail the December Revolution nor obstruct it from achieving its goals.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, on Tuesday reassured people the army and other regular forces are containing the incidents of limited rebellion that took place in Khartoum from group related to the former National Intelligence  and Security Services (NISS) Operation Units that were unhappy with their being dissolved and compensated materially.

He said the incidents which took place today are under control and that they will not stop the revolution from achieving its objectives nor would they be a reason for the government to retreat from the goals of this revolution.

“We want to assure the Sudanese people that the incidents which took place today are under control and they will not stop us and our mission nor will they be a reason for us to retreat from the goals of this revolution.” Hamdouk said.

He said this situation would undermine once again the need for the current partnership between the military and civilian components of the government to push the government forward to achieving its higher goals.

“We renew our faith in the Sudanese armed forces and their ability to contain the situation” he underlined.

In the meantime the Vice President of the Sovereign Council, LT Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, told a press conference in Juba, South Sudan, that he believed the NISS former leader General Salah Gosh, was behind these incidents and the rebellion of the Operations Units.

Faisal Mohamed Salih, the government spokesman, read a statement by the Council of Ministers, on the insurgency by Operation Department units who rebelled in some areas in Khartoum objecting the financial rewards assigned to them by the concerned authorities after demobilization.

The spokesman said that some units of the Operation Service barricaded some streets in Khartoum State and fired bullet in the air as a means of protest.

The statement revealed that the incidents occurred in Kafouri in Khartoum North and Soba in Khartoum and at the Operation Service headquarters eastern of Khartoum Airport, referring to a limited activity of protest in Al-Obeid city, the capital of North Kordufan State.

According to the statement, the Armed Forces and the regular forces have dealt with the situation and are working to secure the citizens, roads and quarters, announcing that there were no injuries up to now among the citizens and the regular forces, adding that the concerned authorities are continuing efforts to persuade the insurgent units to surrender themselves and their weapons to the regular forces, indicating that in all cases, the Armed Forces and the regular forces assure people they are capable of resolving the insurgency and securing the citizens.

In the statement, the spokesman conveyed directives from the Council of Ministers to citizens to keep away from these locations and leave the issue to the regular forces for securing the situation.



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