Trade Union Commemorates 1st Anniversary Of Martyr, Dr. Babikir Abdelhameed

Trade Union Commemorates 1st Anniversary Of Martyr, Dr. Babikir Abdelhameed


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The Central Committee of the Sudanese Medical Doctors has designated the 17th of January as an annual day for the Sudanese physicians in commemoration of Martyr, Dr. Babikir Abdelhameed who was shot dead in cold blood while dispensing his medical duty treating demonstrators during the December 2018 Revolution that saw the downfall of dictator Omar Albashir’s regime.

On that day the  28 year old doctor Abdelhameed finished his duty at the Ahmed Gasim Hospital and instead of going back to his home for rest, went to help his fellow doctors treating demonstrators hurt in massive protests in Khartoum’s Eastern suburb of Burri. Though he pretty well knew that the late Abdelhameed was a medical doctor exercising his duty, a security element aimed and shot him in the back.

Dr. Abdelhameed’s martyrdom was a turning point in the progress of the Revolution. On that day the Sudanese Doctors Central Committee declared a general strike saying in an address to the public: “Today we forget about all our simple professional and personal ambition and turn to serve a bigger entity (the Sudanese People) in the face of the regime of assassins and criminals whose oppression will but increase our might and resolve to bring the regime down and try its operatives for every crime they have committed.”

“The regime’s militias will do them no good in the face of the people who pour in throughout the country’s towns and villages in full determination and resolve to chant the revolution’s popular slogan: “No less than regime downfall.”

The Committee, consequently, decided to withdraw all its members from the security, police and army hospitals “as long as these entities continue to kill the peaceful demonstrators in cold blood and record the worst of violations against the people s in the streets and even inside homes.”

It also abstained from presenting any medical service within the regime’s hospitals “whose proceeds are used to support and empower the regime.”

Following his death, Martyr Abdelhammeed’s home in the Eastern suburb of Kafouri turned into grounds for demonstrations during which the masses vowed to keep up with the struggle until the revolution’s goals are attained.

Member doctors of the Committee had had a significant role in the heroic epics whether in the protests grounds or in the hospitals treating the wounded, registering the dead and enthusing the demonstrators with slogans and reports about the progress of the revolution.

The reports of those doctors were the most reliable with respect to the number of the dead and the number and nature of the injuries.




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