Sudan Shocked By Departure Of Outstanding Scientist

Sudan Shocked By Departure Of Outstanding Scientist

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The literary, cultural and scientific communities were gravely shocked by the recent demise of physicist, critic and writer, Dr. Elsheikh Mohamed Elsheikh, who struggled against a malicious ailment towards the end of his life that eventually overcame him through the ploy of death.

Dr. Elsheikh had left us after sowing, in his late years, a tree of knowledge which was well recognized abroad while, unfortunately, ignored at home.

Since 1970 Dr. Elsheikh had been involved in developing a new physical theory of biotic evolution and development, what he calls the quantum bio-information field theory (QBFT) and what he calls ‘faeeliya’ analysis.

QBFT, according to Loop research network, is the synthesis of the Twentieth Century major scientific revolutions: quantum mechanics, information theory and molecular biology.
It is the study of bio-systems as spontaneous self-organizing dynamical systems. It is a generalized physics hypothesis; it is a set of physical properties and laws that distinguish life from nonlife, irreducible to ordinary physics, and admit limiting transition to quantum mechanics.

QBFT is a unified theory of life which bridges the gap between physics and biology and reveals the fundamental physical laws that describe biotic evolution and development.

According to same website, Elsheikh’s QBFT theory provides theoretical basis for Barbara Mcclintock and James Shapiro’s revolutionary discovery concerning life self-organizing and self-evolving dynamics.

In his second field of research, faeeliya analysis, Elshiekh presents an answer to the question, “What is man?”. This theory was expounded in his philosophical book “Discovery of the Life-Organizing Principle: In Search of the Fundamental Laws of Life” (published by iUniverse).

Faeeliya is an Arabic word means the ability to produce and enrich life as a whole, it is creativity and altruism. Faeeliya analysis is a method for revealing the faeeliya of individuals, societies and literary texts.

The publisher wrote about the book: "Author E.M. Elsheikh, a mathematician and longtime professor, examines what the principle tells us about nature and life in this academic work. He proves that the secrets of our world reside in the quantum information contained in our DNA and genome. Discover the inner workings of life, and develop a better understanding of a maximum-action principle that explains self-organization, self-replication, and self-evolution. He also explores such topics as laws that describe phylogenetic evolution and ontogenetic development; little-known facts about genetics and evolution, including why Darwinian theory facilitates a more dynamic conception of human nature; extensions of quantum theory; and new foundations of knowledge. By challenging the notions of mainstream biology and physics and questioning assumptions about life being a physical rather than a supernatural phenomenon, you'll stumble upon truths that few others know. Get ready to go on a fascinating journey that challenges paradigms and leads you to the Discovery of the Life-Organizing Principle".

Elsheikh has numerous publications, some of them are in Arabic.

Some of his publications are:

1- Evolution Physical Intelligent Guiding principle, 2016.

2- In Search of Quantum Information Biology, 2015.

3- Discovery of the Life-Organizing Principle – "In Search of the Fundamental Laws of Life”,  published by iUniverse Publisher, 2014.

4- Towards a New Physical Theory of Biotic Evolution and Development. Ecological M-odelling (2010)221 pp. 1108-1118, 2010.

5- The new physics revolution, 2017.

He contributed to the Third International Congress of Mathematical Biology, Chile, 1988. He contributed to Expanding Human Consciousness Conference, San Diego, 2004, Sponsored by Dena Hurst, Tallahassee, Florida.

Many of Elsheikh’s admirers in the scientific and literary circles, in which he was an active element, had written heart- full eulogies about him and about his achievements. 

Researcher and Writer, Dr. Gusai Hamaroar wrote on his Facebook page, saying:

“There are a fairly few people - in particular among those knowledgeable about the human heritage and its intricacies - who might recognize the fact  about devising new modes of thinking, different from what they are used to. Recognizing that difficulty is an advanced stage of wonder difficult to be reached except by those who strive to. It is overly rare to find someone who would not just recognize that wonder, but overcome it with excellence. Of these was Elsheikh Mohammad Elsheikh who was one of the productive Sudanese minds of modern times. But very sadly he had departed before he was able to see due recognition of his effort in his home country.”

The Sudanese Writers Union has issued this eulogy: “With shivering hearts and tearful eyes, the Sudanese Writers Union shares with the Sudanese nation its intense grief over the heart-breaking departure of the affluent mental power, the great intellectual project, the scientist Elskeikh Mohammad ElSheikh who died during a medication trip to Cairo and after a tiresome struggle against his disease. The late Elsheikh had added a bright intellectual chapter to the Sudanese cultural and intellectual life by innovating the Quantum Bio-information Field Theory (QBFT) in the early 1980s. Ever since Dr. Elsheikh had been improving, ameliorating and applying that theory on a wide spectrum of intellectual domains, starting with a variety of sciences and not ending with literature. Elsheikh’s theory was difficult to appreciate by many and was not celebrated by the Sudanese scientific and academic institutions as required, while it was translated and its intuitions in many domains of knowledge were well celebrated in Japan and in a number of European and American countries”.

Elsheikh started his scientific career with an MSc in applied mathematics from the University of Khartoum.

He had held the position of head of the department of math, faculty of science, Altahadi University, Serit, Libya, for more than ten years 1998 - 2009.

Elsheikh served as Executive Secretary for Sudan National Academy of Science, 2010-2011.



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