Sudanese Saddened By Departure Of Loved Preacher Hassan

Sudanese Saddened By Departure Of Loved Preacher Hassan

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Learned, humble, amiable and lovable. These words are not enough to describe Sheikh Mohammad Ahmed Hassan who will no longer grace the media and religious congregations with his simple speeches that endeared him to all Sudanese.

Sheikh Hassan died peacefully on Tuesday at his home in Jabra, Khartoum.

It was with saddened hearts and tearful eyes that Sudanese received the news about the departure of religious preacher Hassan, the most popular of the nation’s preachers whom Sudanese favored for his modest style and his sense of humour while answering religious queries or talking on a religious topic. It was his accent of extreme Northern Sudanese that attracted Sudanese young and old to his speeches.

Sheikh Hassan had started preaching during the 1980s after he opted for early pension from his job at the National Center for Research. Most of his activity was concentrated on the national radio and TV. Then private media outlets also sought his service.

As member of the Sudanese Scholars Association, Sheikh Hassan had presented religious views and rulings in simple language, mixed with some drama, always beaming with smiles as if to say: “Religion is simple.”

All through his media activity, Sheikh Hassan was ready to interact with his audiences through mail in the past and by telephone or the social media when internet was introduced into Sudan.

He was always with the people, whether on the media, in a lecture room or simply attending a wedding party or on public transport.

In a lot of obituaries, the Transitional Sovereignty Council, the Cabinet, religious scholars and activists mourned him on the press and the social media.

In an obituary, the Sudanese Scholars Association said “the people of the Sudan had known Sheikh Mohammad Ahmed Hassan through his lessons, lectures and his distinct preaches that won him the love and respect of all who knew or listened to him.”

“He was honoured by a lot of scientific and social institutions in recognition of his good effort, high resolve and his distinct presence,” added the Association.

Culture and Information Minister Faisal Mohammad Salih said in an obituary that Sheikh Mohammad Ahmed Hassan was moderate in his call for Islam, entered all the houses and hearts of Sudanese and was able to simplify the rulings of Islam in a manner that suited people of all ages.

Sheikh Mohammad Ahmed Hassan was born in Sudan’s Northern State and had received his formal education in Sudan and in the Egyptian City of Alexandria.



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