Khartoum At Night: Can We See This Image Once Again?

Khartoum At Night: Can We See This Image Once Again?

Tariq Alamin and a logo for the initaitive proposed by an artist

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) — Actor, Poet Tariq Alamin is airing an initiative to rehabilitate central Khartoum and turn it into a social, cultural and commercial attraction. 

The  move, entitled “Khartoum at Night" initiative is sponsored by the Sudanese Studies Center and has received a wide response from male and female volunteers; artists, ecologists, engineers and others who yearn to see central Khartoum back to its previous splendor as a beautiful, tidy and creative city.
Khartoum Billail (Khartoum at Night) was for a longtime a catch  phrase among Sudanese in reference to all that is beautiful and tranquil, given the beauty of the city’s center in the past.
Igd Aljalad musical band has performed a captivating song carrying this title.
Central Khartoum’s contour was designed by the Britons along the lines of the British flag (the Union Jack) when they conquered Sudan in the early 1900s. The Union Jack lines still cannot escape a careful eye looking at aerial photos of this part of the city.
It could be due to this organized contour that President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the late Sheikh Zayid Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, is claimed to have asked Sudanese engineers and administrators working on the construction of today’s Abu Dhabi to design it along the image of central Khartoum.
Amin said operatives of the initiative are busy holding preparatory meetings to promote this heart of the city and rearrange, beautify and clean it up.
The initiative first targets the area extending from the Nile Avenue down to the Railway Station to the South and from the Confluence of the White and Blue Niles in the West down to the Army General Command to the East.
This area will see the implementation of a number of plans that include overhauling the sewer system, turning empty government spaces into green plazas, the lighting of all the roads of the area, the building of fountains, the planting of shade trees, the erection of statues at street entrances, the decoration of streets with portraits and the revival of long-deserted cinema houses and public libraries.
The plan also seeks to revive cultural and research centers and the encouragement of businesses, including foreign exchange offices, to work at night.
According to Amin also, the plan caters for the establishment of coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and trade stands along the main roads and in the city center.
Mr. Amin is a well known theater and TV actor, producer. He is also known for leading social initiatives, including a  long-standing initiative by his team of 100 volunteers to repair schools and provide them with libraries, health services and theaters.



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