Four Paws International Saves Dying Lions Of Algurashi Park

Four Paws International Saves Dying Lions Of Algurashi Park


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - A team of veterinary doctors  has managed to save the life of four starving lions in a national park here which were about to die of hunger if it were not for a public outcry to save them.

The team of vets belonged to the Vienna, Austria, based Four Paws International.

The lions were found in bad shape in the Algurashi Public Park here after a park visitor came across them by mere chance on January the 18th.

The visitor, Mr. Osman Salih immediately blew the warning whistle on all of his accounts on the social media.

Salih blamed the businessman who ran the park for neglecting the animals and abstaining from feeding them out of greed.

Osman had published the four lions images on his social media accounts that showed the beasts unable to standup or move.

The photos drew wide sympathy from within and from outside Sudan.

And when one of the lions died of hunger, activists launched a campaign to aid the lions.

Upon this call, many organizations, including Four Paws, came forward to help.

Dr. Amir Khalil, head of the Four Paws mission, tweeted after seeing the lions’ images that:

 “We were shocked by the pictures of the gaunt lions. It was clear to us that we had to act quickly because the animals would not last much longer. The highest priority at the moment is to stabilize and improve the health condition of the animals, and determine long-term solutions for them.”

Immediately after the Four Paws’ vets reached the sight last Monday, the lions received first aid that included intravenous solutions, vitamins and minerals.

Soon after, the lions became able to stand up, walk for sometime and became ready to eat food, Four Paws announced in a statement.

Wildlife authorities say the lions are of a rare species not found in but limited areas, including Southeastern Sudan and Ethiopia.

The lions, along with some birds’ species, reptiles and other animals (some of them rare) had belonged to the government-run Khartoum Zoo on the River Blue Nile which was sold off in the early 1990s to give room for building the now Corinthia Hotel.



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