Sudan Revolutionaries Repay Army Lieutenant Mohamed Siddig

Sudan Revolutionaries Repay Army Lieutenant Mohamed Siddig


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Army First Lieutenant Mohamed Siddig was one of the first group of army officers and soldiers to side with the revolution when they disobeyed the orders and protected the protesters around the Army General Command in April 2019.

Lt. Mohamed Siddig and his troops joined the protesters shouting his legendary outcry that “We Don’t Give a Damn”, that signals their fearless resolve to protect the demonstrators whatever the consequences.

Now the protesters did not forget that brave stance of Lt. Siddig and his colleagues who were dismissed from the Army over the weekend.

In a prompt reaction, the protesters rushed in their thousands to the streets on Thursday to condemn the move and to repay “the honest Army personnel who stood with us.”

The protesters chanted condemnations of General Abdelfattah Alburhan, Chairman of the Sovereign Council cum the high commander of the army, and called for purging the military from the remnants of the defunct regime and for restructuring the security.

They did not heed the Army justification that the dismissal of these men was routine and was according to the army regulations for personnel promotion.

The list of those dismissed also includes Captain (Engineer) Mohamed Suleiman Babikir who supported the protesters at the Damazine Army HQ.

As a reaction to the protesters fury and their opposition of the Army decision, a video was aired on the social media claiming that Burghan (who became, according to press reports, Marshall by the same reshuffle) had reinstated Lt. Mohamed Siddig to his position in the Army. Similarly civilian member of the Sovereign Council (the presidency) Mohamed Alfaki Suleiman emphasized the move.

But very soon the Army spokesman rushed to deny the reinstatement, a signal of conflicting interests between the civilian and military components of the Sovereign Council and the imbalanced relationship between the civilian and military components of the transitional rule.

Whether he was returned to the Army or not, Lt. Siddig has gone down in the conscience of Sudanese as a national hero.



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