Preparations Continue For The Upcoming National Economic Conference

Preparations Continue For The Upcoming National Economic Conference

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Preparations are in progress for the convention of the National Economic Conference at the Friendship Hall here, during 26-28 September under the motto “Towards Comprehensive Reform and Sustainable Economic Development.”

The Conference is aimed at the discussion and analysis of the country’s economic challenges and crises that accumulated over the defunct regime’s 30 years duration, in a bid to reach consensus on how to address them.

According to the Conference operatives these challenges are represented in:

1- The high cost of living and its bearings on consumption, productivity and fuel and wheat flour supply.

2- Poverty, unemployment, uneven distribution of income and economic opportunities around the country.

3- The poor infrastructure and weak civil service and public services institutions.

4- The weak production and exports and the rising imports of commodities and services.

5- The deficit in the trade balance and the general budget deficit.

6- The big drop in the value of the national currency.

Head of the Conference’s Preparation Committee Prof. Abdelmohsin Mustafa Salih said the three-day Conference would discuss working papers on these economic issues through a social dialogue in which the components of the federal government, the country’s states, the social organizations, the  youth, women and groupings, the universities, economic and social research bodies, the consumer organizations and others.

The Conference papers will address a number of themes that include the general democratic and development structure of the state, the components and priorities of the government’s economic program, the move towards the horizons of productivity and export, the expansion of job opportunities, the fiscal policy and economic planning, the subsidy of commodities and its alternatives, the amount of commodity subsidies in the amended 2020 budget ( Davos Style), the monetary and funding policy, management of the currency’s rate of exchange and the country’s trade balance. There is also a paper on “youth and the economic issue”, including the issues of employment and trading.

The Conference closing session will discuss the recommendations and the outcome of the workshops organized by the Conference’s different sectors prior to the Conference’s official sessions.

The sectors’ workshops cover the major challenges that face each economic sector, the impediments and the available opportunities at the near and medium terms and the expectations for the contribution of each sector in the development of the country’s economy. These sectors are: the agriculture, the industry, mining, health, finance, water resources, technology, youth and sports, labor, transport and animal resources.

Organizers said a package of cohesive policies will be agreed upon as a road map for facing the crisis  and the advance towards the square of revival and comprehensive development.

The Conference was supposed to convene in March but was deferred due to the complications of the Coronavirus pandemic.



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