Coronavirus Makes A Comeback In Sudan

Coronavirus Makes A Comeback In Sudan

Caretaker Minister of Health, Dr. Usama Ahmed Abdelrahim

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) — The Sudanese Federal Ministry of Health Sunday announced it recorded 147 new Covid - 19 infections around the country during the period Wednesday-Friday.

According to pandemic reports of the said period the State of Khartoum (the Capital) has reported 122 cases, while the rest of 147 cases were distributed across the Gezira and the White Nile states (central Sudan), the River Nile Sate (north) and Kasala and Gedarif states(east).

The Ministry said these new infections bring the total number of coronavirus infection cases to a total of 14090, fatalities to 1115 and recoveries to 9484 cases since the outbreak of the malaise in the country.

The Ministry has strictly urged the citizens to commit to the health emergency law and the application of the preventive measures of keeping a social distance among individuals, the washing of hands and the observation of sneezing and coughing norms; in addition to the immediate reporting of suspected cases.
The Health Ministry , since last August, had cautioned against a second wave of the pandemic in Sudan.

In late October the expected second wave took its toll on prominent Sudanese politicians and government executives, including the Prime Minister’s senior advisor Alsheikh Khidir, director of the Prime Minister’s office Ali Bakeit, in addition to the Governor of the central bank (The Bank of Sudan) Mohammad Alfatih Zain Ala’abdeen.

Former Prime Minister-elect, leader of the Umma (Nation) Party, Mr. Sadiq Almahdi also got the infection, together with a number of his sons and daughters and Party operatives, all of whom are reportedly under medical care. Mahdi, in particular, had been flown for what was described as extra treatment in the United Arab Emirates. On Sunday he wrote an article in which he said he was now very fine.

The first wave of the pandemic had, however, spared senior officials in the transitional authority, save some cases in which some of those officials reported themselves as having had close contact with infected persons and voluntarily put themselves in house isolation.

Caretaker Minister of Health, Dr. Usama Ahmed Abdelrahim has told the press after a recent meeting of the High Health Emergency Committee that the meeting had tackled the country’s health problems, represented in malaria infections, fevers and a drug shortage, prompted by the current dire economic situation.

He said the meeting had also discussed the foreseen second wave of coronavirus infections, in view of the increasing incidence of the disease in some European countries. He said some European countries had opted for complete shutdown, like what happened in France and other countries.

Dr. Abdelraheem had said that there is no tendency for complete lockdown at present nor for control of the movement of citizens., adding that this will depend on the spread of the disease.

He called for commitment to the health regulations, in particular with respect to the wearing of masks and social distancing as much as possible.

The Minister said his Ministry would work to provide a huge number of masks at health and other institutions.

During the first wave of the infections, the Government had first imposed a partial health lockdown . then as of early March it declared a complete lockdown which was lifted in September, keeping the state of health emergency. Here the Ministry set the condition of observing the necessary emergency arrangements. This measure was applied all over the country, ranging between complete to partial lockdown that continued for six moths.

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