Sudan's independence. and the nation's great hopes

Sudan's independence. and the nation's great hopes

By: Afnan Abdallah

Khartoum,Jan. 3(Sudanow)-Sudanese people celebrate the first of January every year the occasion of the glorious independence which comes this year under complicated circumstances which the Sudanese hope to overcome with their unity and determination. But let's go back in history, the Sudanese did not know that the British army that entered their country on September 2, 1898 would take away their freedom and erase all evidence of independence and national sovereignty. Sixty years of Sudanese life have been uprooted by British occupation, as if those homes desecrated by brutal colonialism were not ruled by the great Taharqa.

Sixty dark years in which occupation perched on the hearts of the sons of Baankhi, and the souls of the Sudanese chanted: O long night, go away, So that the sun of freedom shines.

On the glorious Monday, December 19, 1955, the House of Representatives met in its forty-third session at ten o'clock in the morning, chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr. Ismail Al-Azhari and his ministers In the presence of the leaders of the opposition, Mr. Al-Mahdi and Al-Mirghani, to take the decision on which the deputies agreed on behalf of the Sudanese people: Sudan has the right to become an independent and fully sovereign state.

It was not long before Al-Azhari announced it with his famous phrase (we are announcing, today from inside this parliament, that Sudan is free and independent with all its geographical borders).

Then came the day when the prime minister stood in front of the judiciary building, next to him the attorney general and senior officers, and behind them ministers, sheikhs and deputies, to celebrate the evacuation of foreign forces of Sudan with the crowd around them thirsty for freedom, sovereignty and independence.

Independence Day 2023 comes 4 years after the glorious December Revolution, 67 years ago, and the determination of the Sudanese remains the same and their struggle in the name of freedom, peace and justice.

That is why the history of independence of Sudan will remain an honourable history that carries many precious and glorious memories that not only pushes the heart to love more and more this dear resilient homeland, but also to sing the glory written by faithful men with their blood their patience and their wisdom.

Long live Sudan, our free and proud homeland

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