FC ‘Almirrikh’ Gets Compromise Board

FC ‘Almirrikh’ Gets Compromise Board

Mohamed Alsheikh Madani

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - At last, the Khartoum-based Almirrikh Football Club has got a new board of directors after long months of impasse that set the popular club in limbo.

According to a statement by the Sudanese Football Association (SFA), the new board will be chaired by Mr. Mohamed Alsheikh Madani.

The move came after the Club’s elected board of business tycoon, Mr.Adam Abdallah (Sudacall), agreed to share its portfolios with a government-appointed board, also lead by Madani.

The story began months ago when the SFA accepted  petitions from some Mirrikh Club registered members that Mr. Sudacall was not qualified to lead the Club for lack of previous experience in football club administrative affairs, though he had won the Club’s chairmanship unopposed. A petition from here, challenged by another petition from there, and the club remained without a viable board.

The Ministry of Sports then intervened and appointed a board to steer the Club affairs until new elections are held, a decision turned down by the SFA on the grounds that it is a clear government interference in football management, categorically banned by the FIFA.

After a hectic effort from intermediaries, the Sudacall group agreed to accommodate figures from the appointed board on fifty-fifty basis, with Mr. Sudacall kept out.

SFA Chairman Kamal Shaddad said was relieved by the arrangement. “This is a decision by the elected board that came in keeping with the democracy of sports as FIFA regulations require, and we accept it,” Shaddad has said in a televised interview.

Because of this feuding the Club affairs had deteriorated too much with debts accumulating and players unpaid. As a result, some of the players with unpaid dues skipped some matches. This has resulted in poor showing on the pitch.

Mr. Madani is a veteran mathematics teacher who was at certain points in time appointed regional minister and also speaker of the Khartoum State Legislative Council.

He had used to be described by the sports press as “Father of the Laws”, a reference to his skill in interpreting football laws.

Madani’s passion and skill in mathematics would often oblige him to volunteer mathematics lessons around the country, in particular when the Sudan Secondary School Certificate exams draw near.




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