Chinese Help Hundreds Of Sudanese Regain Sight, For Free

Chinese Help Hundreds Of Sudanese Regain Sight, For Free


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - A Chinese medical team that landed in Khartoum last week, is now helping hundreds of Sudanese people, mostly from poor background, to regain sight, as they carry out cataract operations, for free, on over two hundred patients.


In three days since Sunday, the Chinese carried out 53 operations, out of 200 they are planning to carry out in three weeks, thus raising the number of those who benefited from the free service to 1241 beneficiaries since 2016.


Thanks to this group of eight Chinese eye surgeons over eleven hundred forty Sudanese families could now sit down together, savor the rainbow in the coming rainy season, discuss the parade of the Muslim pilgrims to around the Holy Qaaba, or simply enjoy seeing the fresh face of a family member, as one reporter put it during a celebration marking the official opening of the programme in a Khartoum suburb, Jabra, on Wednesday.


A team of 5 doctors, 3 nurses and 2 engineers, led by the able Dr. Hongbing Zhang, has performed 53 badly needed cataract operations. The team working within the Chinese Brightness Action programme, is said it is planning to carry yet more than 150 operations in a matter of three weeks, thus sending light to members of the over 200 Sudanese families. The families and the patients pay nothing.


It is free from the Chinese government.


On Wednesday the Sudanese Ministry of Health and the Khartoum Ministry of Health officially inaugurated the programme. Dozens of families and individuals flocked to get a treatment.


“In total we will perform 200 free cataract surgeries in 20 days. At the same time, we will donate the equipment and consuming materials for cataract surgery to the Sudan valuing more than one million RMB” head of the team Dr. Hongbing Zhang told the ceremony organized at the Nilain Eye Hospital, an offshoot of the Nilain University.


The event was attended by Representatives of the Chinese embassy in Khartoum, officials from the Federal ministry of health, the minister for health in Khartoum state, the Vice Chancellor of Nilain University as well as the deans and lecturers at the university.


Osman Zhou, Economic Counselor at the Chinese embassy in the Sudan, stressed that this was not the first time Chinese eye specialists visited the Sudan. In 2016, the Chinese group performed 1041 cataract

operations with no complications and the patients returning hope with the eye sight restored in perfect condition.


Since 1970 China dispatched 34 medical teams with a total of 1500 medical experts to work in the Sudan, he said. He added that over the years and in continuation of the cooperation between the two sides, and within China policy towards Africa, Chinese hospitals were erected in Husaihisa, Abu Aushar, and Damazin beside Khartoum and Omdurman.


He stressed that they did not only perform operations, they established good working relations with the medical teams, thus cementing further Sudanese Chinese relations. He said this should be seen within the Chinese government policy of coming together to boost development in Africa. It suffice to say that Chinese president has set his foot nine times in Africa, a whooping number of visit to show how important china sees its Relations with the Sudan.


Mr. Hongbing Zhang, the leader of the 2018 brightness team of experts said the doctors and the nurses hailed from Xiam First hospital in Shaanxi province, China. The hospital is the only one authorized by the Chinese nation health commission to set up an ophthalmologist medical team independently to help African countries.


The representative of the Sudanese federal ministry of Health has voiced his thanks and commended the Chinese government and people for their assistance to the Sudan.


Professor Mamoon Humaida commended the efforts of the Chinese team, the Chinese embassy and the Chinese government saying those effort help further cement relations between his country and China.




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