Press Statement By The Freedom And Change Declaration Forces

Press Statement By The Freedom And Change Declaration Forces

Thousands of Sudanese protesters continue for the third day a sit-in along the Armed Forces General Command avenue

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The Freedom and Change Declaration Forces (FCDF) on Monday announced its vision of a transitional government in a press conference it held amidst the sit-in protest that was staged on April sixth in front of the Sudanese Armed Forces General Command in Khartoum.

FCDF greeted in the statement the Sudanese people for participating in the rally which it described as unprecedented, adding that it marks a decisive and important stage in the revolution, declaring that the sit-in would be over only on the departure of the regime.
Refusing to resign, President Beshir insists on dialogue with all opposition bodies and on general elections as a means for resolving the issue of power in Sudan.

After greeting the Armed forces officers, Non-commissioned officers and servicemen for protection of the protesters and their right to peaceful expression of their opinion, the FCDF made the following decisions:
First: Underlying the demand for the immediate stepping down of the head of the regime and his government without any condition.

Second: Formation of council from the FCDF membership and other forces that support the FCDF for liaison with the organized forces and other local and external forces for completing the political transition process and handing the power over to an interim civilian government universally agreed upon and expressive of the forces of the revolution.

Third: Calling upon the Armed Forces to back up the option of the Sudanese people to transformation to a democratic, civilian system of governance and to withdraw its support to the present regime which has lost any legitimacy and deny it any desperate attempts for creating violence, circumventing around the demands of the revolution or reproducing itself. This matter is to be arranged through direct liaison between the Armed Forces and FCDF for facilitation of the peaceful hand-over of the power to the interim government.

Fourth: Calling upon the regional and international communities for supporting the demands of the Sudanese people and underlying the FCDF sincere desire in establishing balanced relations based on good neighbor ties, and on the principles of peace and cooperation.


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