Ethiopia PM calls on Sudanese to work out solutions away from outside meddling into their affairs

Ethiopia PM calls on Sudanese to work out solutions away from outside meddling into their affairs

By: Mohamed Osman Adam
Photographer: Majdi Abdalla

Khartoum, Sudan (Sudanow)-  The visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe Ahmed has called on the Sudanese people, the army and the political forces to exercise wisdom, courage and responsibility, and to take quick steps to move the country to a democratic and consensual transitional period.

The Ethiopian prime minister who is leading a mediation between the Transitional Military Council and the Forces for Freedom and Change following the stalemate of the negotiations, spurred by the forceful eviction of the sit-in near the Army’s headquarters in Khartoum, held a number of meetings with the military council and with the revolutionaries separately to bring closer their views and put them into track once again.

The Prime Minister pointed out that it was within the duty of the army to protect the country, its people and security, calling on the political forces to consider the future of the country, stressing that the Sudanese people should be able to overcome the current stalemate.

 Ahmed told Sudanese they must live up to the expectation of the Sudanese masses and overcome partisan interests if they were to resolve the current crisis their country faces.

The prime minister, who arrived in Khartoum leading a high-powered security dominated delegation, said he has conducted “frank and open discussions”with the Sudanese Transitional Military Council and with the Forces for Freedom and Change and that these talks were guided by a “spirit of responsibility and awareness about the seriousness of the current situation “in the Sudan.

The Prime minister called on Lieutenant General Abdul Fatah Al Burahn, head of the Sudanese Transitional Military Council and then received the Sudanese opposition Forces for Freedom and Change at the Ethiopian embassy  in Khartoum in the presence of his foreign minister, his advisor for national security, the chief of Ethiopia’s security, and the Ethiopian Chief of staff’s.

Following his mediation meeting with the different parties, the Ethiopian Prime Minister stressed “the unity, stability and national sovereignty of the should remain sacred issue that accepts no bargaining at all”

He further called on the Sudanese army and other security bodies to focus on protection of their homeland and the Sudanese citizens and at the same time play a positive role during the interim period. He also said the other political forces should make the stress on future of the country and avoid being hostage to the past.

He also tacitly told Sudanese that “Sudanese political actors should make their national decision in a free and independent way away from (the influence) of any non Sudanese party whoever it might be.” He argued that non-Sudanese will not be able bear the Sudan responsibility as Sudanese do,   

He assured the Sudanese parties that the African union and the inter-governmental authority (IGAD) would remain ready to help the Sudanese parties to facilitate reaching the desired agreement soonest possible.

He also said his country, Ethiopia, whatever be the outcome of the talks among the Sudanese parties “will remain firmly and determinedly standing beside sister Sudan with all its will and power.”

The talks broke after violent raid by security personnel on the sit-in protest area in Khartoum on 3 June, resulted in 61 people killed and hundreds injured, according to the Federal Ministry of Health   and World Health Organization (WHO).  

The United Nations Secretary-General strongly condemned the violence and said was alarmed by reports that security forces have opened fire inside medical facilities.

Lieutenant General Gen Burahan in a statement on the occasion of Eid expressed his apologies for the lives losses and said a legal committee will probe the shooting and the lives loss

 On 7 June, a spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said that OHCHR continues to be gravely concerned about the situation in Sudan. It has proposed the rapid deployment of a UN human rights monitoring team to examine allegations of human rights violations committed since 3 June 2019, the UN office in Khartoum said in its weekly OCHA report, Friday.


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