North Kordufan Governor To Be Subjected To Disciplinary Measure Over Killing Of Protesters

North Kordufan Governor To Be Subjected To Disciplinary Measure Over Killing Of Protesters

TMC spokesman, General Shames Eddin Kabashi


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The Transitional Military Council on Friday said the governor of North Kordufan state, where soldier affiliated to the Rapid Deployment Forces (RDF) shot and killed at least five demonstrators, would be subjected to a disciplinary measure.

The unprecedented move of holding the security committee in the state, including the governor, accountable and then saying they will be subjected to disciplinary move was unheard of in recent history of the Sudan. The Governor is a senior general in the Sudanese army.

The Transitional Military Council (TMC) has said in a decision in which it considered the Security Committee in North Korduafan state as guilty of “dereliction” of duty as it failed to handle the situation in Al Obied town which resulted in the death of several people and the injury of dozens others

Council spokesman, General Shames Eddin Kabashi said the security committee members will stand before a military investigation panel and the same measure will be applied against member of the Rapid Deployment Forces for the violations committed in the town.

He said other measures are taken to ensure that similar incidents would not occur.

The announcement was made following a lengthy round of talks between the FFC and the TMC under the supervision of the African Union. Spokespersons from the Forces for Freedom and Change and the Military Council as well as the African Union have argued that the talks between the Military Council and the opposition have made progress towards drafting the Constitutional Document.

The Constitutional Document, a major issue rifting the military and the pro-democracy civil groups, is one of two documents that are envisaged to smoothly transit Sudan from Military to civil rule and, most importantly, to avert a relapse to military coups.

The first document was the Political Document in which the two sides agreed on the executive layers. The second is the Constitutional Document which mainly focuses on the legislative aspects, judiciary and legislative aspect, the immunities, the sovereignty Council, and overall principles governing the interim period.

The African Union Envoy, Lebatt, said that delegations of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and FFC have made “wide strides towards ratifying the constitutional document” indicating that the two parties decided to meet Friday night to complete the work.  

In a press statement, Lebatt have described the dawn to dusk meeting as “successful by all standards, given the spirit that prevailed and the great results that it reached.” He rarely used the word “successful in all the meetings that started over two months ago. However he kept mum as to the details and the reasons for this optimism.

 The African Union envoy said that “one of the most important” points that the two delegations exchanged views over, was the agreement on assessing the violent incidents that took place in El-Obeid city, indicating that the two sides have strongly condemned the killing of innocent students who were participating in a peaceful demonstration and the practical measures taken by the Transitional Military Council, which led to the arrest of a group of perpetrators to bring them to justice.



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