A Ministerial Farewell For An Ordinary Laborer

A Ministerial Farewell For An Ordinary Laborer

L: The Minister, Uncle Bardan, the undersecretary

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - In a totally unprecedented gesture, the Sudanese Minister of Culture and Information, Faisal Mohamed Salih, organized a sitting at his office in the ministry to bid farewell to a laborer, Abdul Rahaman Mohamed Bardan, who served for over forty years at the ministry’s head office, an event that was widely circulation the Sudanese social media.
Rare was it for a minister to receive a laborer let alone organize a party to thank him for a long and distinguished work. Such parties and farewell, the custom goes here, are devoted to high ranking officials who leave the post to another lucrative post, not worker who would be sent into retirement and each time he comes to cash his pension he
would be asked to produce a certificate from his residential area that it was verily himself and that he was still alive.
“This is a highly appreciated decoration, not only for me, but for all my colleagues, the workers, in this Ministry” Bardan said. He added that after forty two years of work, he felt he was fully satisfied with his performance, having raised eight children, including seven daughters and one boy, while serving at the ministry.
 Abdul Rahaman Mohamed Bardan, famous for Uncle Bardan, joined the ministry in 1979, at the age of about 23 years as a clean boy, climbing the echelon of work until he retired at the age of 65 as workers supervisor, the top rank in the workers classification rank, serving with smile and composure.
The farewell party was attended by the Ministry’s First Undersecretary Rasheed Saeed. Both Minister and undersecretary are newly appointed representative from the Forces for Freedom and Change that brought down the 30 year old rule of Omar Bashir.
Minister Faisal was quoted as saying that the gesture is meant to publicly recognize the contribution of those who served their homeland and to serve as an impetus to the others to do their level best in public service.




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