Scenes From German President Visit To Sudan

Scenes From German President Visit To Sudan

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – Following photos reflect scenes from the two-day visit to Sudan by the German President, Frank Steinmeier to Khartoum where he met with top government officials as well as leaders of the popular revolution in Khartoum.

One of the Resistance Committees placards

The visit has been welcomed by both the government and the public in the Sudan. The Resistance Committees, representative of the youth who led the December 2018 Revolution, decided to freeze any scheduled protest demands during the visit of German President and his delegation to Khartoum. This is one of their placards echoing this pledge.

The youth also embarked on refurbishing and embellishing roads and allies in Khartoum that lay within the tour as a sign of respect for the visitor. Young men also organized a symbolic caravan of the German-made Volkswagen cars at the Nile Avenue near the Sudan National Museum, a few meters from the confluence of the two Niles that form the Great River Nile. The message was that Sudanese still valued the German cars industry. In a graceful gesture on his part, the German president broke the protocols when he saw the youth waving and klaxoning, descended from his car, greeted and intermingled with the youth who jubilantly seized the occasion to take selfie with the august visitor.

In a press conference with the Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdouk, Steinmeier affirmed Germany’s commitment to work together with the Friends of Sudan group to remove barriers for cooperation with the international financial institutions and removing the name of Sudan from blacklists that prevent German companies from cooperation with the country.

President Steinmeier called on the international community to enable Sudan deal with the international funding institutions, asserting that those who are in power today in Sudan were not responsible for the problems created by the defunct regime.

Meeting some members of the Professional Association

At the Radiology College he attended a replica of the protests and sit-in that led to the toppling of Bashir regime; He also met some members of the Sudanese Professional Association that stood behind the protests and demonstrations that led to the demise of that regime.

His inspection of the Sudan Electricity Control Centre in Soba quarter on Friday was set to be a prelude for promotion of the Centre and dealing with the European companies. The Centre is depended on the German technologies and its programming was in fact installed by the German company Seimins.

At Soba Electricity Control Centre

One of the members of the German Archeological Mission in Sudan accompanied the President in his tour inside the Sudan National Museum.

At the National Museum, accompanied by the Minister of Information and Culture  

President Steinmeier was seen off at the airport by the civilian member of the Sovereign Council Prof. Sideeg Taower.




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