Jardega,The Magic Herbal Medicine

Jardega,The Magic Herbal Medicine

By: Rogia al-Shafee

Khartoum, June 20 (Sudanow)- Al-Tahir Abdul-Hakim, a citizens of Mograt lsland  in the River Nile State, e used to take a small spoon of Jardega (Sodium Carbonate ) daily on an empty stomach, he also used to give it to his children and grandchildren when its  necessary, he considered it as protection from many diseases. One of his grandsons says that his grandfather lived for more than a hundred years without complaining of any disease, so Jardega (sodium Carbonate) has a permanent presence in the family. To shed light on the importance of Jerdaga and its areas of production, (Sudan Now) interviewed Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Ali, a specialist in community medicine and an expert in the field of natural and herbal medicines. Said: Jardega is sodium carbonate, which is a natural earth salt extracted from the ground.

Jardega is available in animals dung places such as cows and camels by the countryside, and it forms after the fall in the country side. In summer, dirt of the dung is sprinkled on wet areas near the Nile water. Al-Maliha area, south of the River Nile State, is one of the most famous areas in which Jardega is originated. Al-Maliha was originally called a permanent water spring. The basins are filled with the water of the spring and the ground is sprinkled around the basins for a whole day, so the ground evaporates and is sprayed again for a day.

The origin is the product of dirt mixed with the urine of animals, especially, cows and camels, and after collecting them, they are packaged in rounds and sold in perfume shops and spices, besides the waika, the kowl, and the waickab.

The doctor says that the island is the headquarters and the area of ​​Al-Maliha is the original home of the soil of Jardega, as it is found in all parts of the River  Nile state and the northern state in Dongola in particular, in addition to the Blue Nile and Sinnar States.

Jardega is used in many traditional treatments, after soaking it in water, it is used in the form of swab to treat skin vitiligo.. It is effective in healing recurrent fungal infections of the mouth in infants, or what is known as (Al-Galakh).

It is used in the treatment of digestive disorders in alkaline conditions, so it is used in cases of excess acidity, cases of dyspepsia, and as a gas repellent, similar to that of Soda . The taste of Jardega is similar to carbonate. Jardega has a permanent presence in the Sudanese kitchen, so it is used in the rubbed navigator (greenery, okra, and silage). In addition to facilitating the cooking, it gives the cooking a cohesive texture, and it is also an effective way to gain weight, a teaspoon of Jardega  mixed with a cup of milk daily helps in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

Spoonful of jardega, after being soaked in water to precipitate, is recommended to be drunk, instead of soft drinks.

Also, Jardega used in the Sudanese woman cosmetic industry, especially, those who are about to get married, as the soaked Jardega is included in the Sudanese cosmetic mixtures in the form of body cleaning products and massages. It gives a natural colour and softness to the skin. It also, used to purify water.

Dr. Ibrahim says that this neglected product can be developed by carrying out more studies and scientific research to promote methods for its packaging and presentation; it can be used in many foods and pharmaceutical industries.

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