Scientist Sohaib Jemaiaabi’s Success Story

Scientist Sohaib Jemaiaabi’s Success Story

Photo credit: Jarwan Center for Training & Consulting (Jordan)

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The outstanding Sudanese Scientist Dr. Sohaib Abbas al-Jemaiaabi has over 10 industrial chemistry inventions that helped make change in many businesses the world over.


Speaking to Sudanow, Dr. Sohaib’s uncle Dr. Mohamed Mohieddn al-Jemaiaabi, said Sohaib and his brothers had shone at an early age at the primary education in their home village of Wad al-Jemaiaabi in the Gezira State, central Sudan, and continued so during all the of stages of their education.


Their father toiled hard to look after their education.


Dr. Sohaib, who lives between Germany and France, joined the Faculty of Science, University of Khartoum, from which he graduated with honors in 1993. The same year Dr. Sohaib travelled to Germany for post graduate studies where he obtained his M.Sc. from the University of Kassel in 1996 and a PhD from the same University in 1999.


During his study in Germany, Sohaib’s professors noticed his genius and kept him in Germany where he continued to present a series of inventions in the technology of composition for structural adhesives and in the nano technology.


He also joined the German giant firm Sustech as a researcher in the nano chemical technology, where he lead a team of scientists charged to promote the principles for nano technology and its uses in industrial applications, industrial sustainability and integrated environment protection as a major driving force.


He then joined another technological giant firm, 3M, where he served as a ‘progressive employee’ in the company’s aviation center. Here he pioneered technical activities in structural adhesive materials and composition materials. In no time Sohaib became an outstanding scientist and promoter in 3M, where he devised important compositions in structural and composite adhesives, fire- safe polymers in addition to other applications in his work domain.


Sohaib had also produced ferro fluids in the company that aim at consolidating the product. This has earned him and his company a lot of honors worldwide. He was also the company’s authority on liquids used in special applications such as the technology of paints, lubricants and applications of environmental technology.


Dr. Sohaib has over 10 inventions, including:

– Low density EPOXY composition with low water uptake.

– EPOXY adhesive compositions comprising an adhesion promoter.

– EPOXY curative composition and compositions therefrom.

– Fire-retardant low-density epoxy composition

– Nano particulate preparation

– Vibration dampening compositions.


The last invention is important in that it rids air passengers the airplane’s noisy vibrations while on board.

Dr. Sohaib was honored at a number of events. He obtained the 3M eh&s award in 2007. He had also obtained the award of excellence in technology and inventions.

German press has celebrated Dr. Sohaib in 2010 for devising a fire-retardant low-density composition the International air carrier AIRBUS has started to use in its new jets




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