Nertiti’s Peaceful Sit-In Draws Public Attention

Nertiti’s Peaceful Sit-In Draws Public Attention

Nertiti, Central Darfur (Sudanow) - The  town of Nertiti of Central Darfur State, always in the spotlight for its captivating nature, its beauty, is once again in the limelight when its citizens staged a sit- in to protest the state of lawlessness created by armed militias.
The citizens raised placards and shouted slogans demanding the disarming of criminal militias and putting them on trial.
In this process, the protesters also called for a reshuffling of the local administration.
All these demands were seen necessary for securing the agricultural season, now in high gear.
What was unusual about the Nertiti affair is that the citizens had opted for a peaceful sit- in in an area that was a theatre of armed struggle for sometime.
This is an indication that the December 2018 Revolution has managed to raise the citizens awareness about peaceful action instead of fighting to obtain their rights.
A series of delegations from other Darfuri localities and from other states of the country joined the sit-in in a show of solidarity with the citizens of Nertiti.
The citizens of Nertiti had complained that the lawless militias had used to rob their properties and attack women in or on their way to and from the fields.
Prime Minister Hamdok has consented to Nertiti citizens demands and appreciated the peaceful and civilized means they adopted to present their demands.
The government had sent a high-level delegation made up of the Sovereignty State Council Member Mohammad Hassan Alta’ayshi, the ministers of justice, information and culture, social welfare and senior military figures.
The military had immediately said it was deploying hundreds of armed vehicles to secure the area.  



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