Sudan Government And Two Major Rebel Groupings Initial Eight Documents In Juba

Sudan Government And Two Major Rebel Groupings  Initial Eight Documents In Juba

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – The Government delegation and two major rebel groupings have initialed eight documents in Juba, South Sudan, paving the way for signing of the full agreement on Monday.

The Darfur Track and the Revolutionary National Front Track on the one hand, and the Sudan government delegation on the other hand concluded the deal and initialed it in Juba, capital of South Sudan, and will sign it in full on Monday in the attendance of Prime Minister Dr Abdalla Hamdok and the President of the Transitional Sovreign Council, Lt Gen. Abul Fatah Al Burhan.

The Darfur track grouped all rebel groups from Darfur- to the exception of Abdul Wahid Mohamed Nour, self-exiled in Paris France- while the Revolutionary National Front groups the Blue Nile Area and the Sudan liberation Front/Army groups- formerly part of the movement that helped South Sudan separate and get its independence from the Sudan in 2011.

When South Sudan separated in 2011, three main areas remained in rebellion in the Sudan, including Darfur region, the Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountains. In Darfur there were dozens of rebel movements, splinters of two major groups: The Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdul Wahid Nour and Mini Arko Minawi, and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) led by Khalil Ibrahim, killed shortly after his forces attacked the national capital Khartoum in 2008. 

The Blue Nile region, miserably impoverished and underdeveloped region in the Sudan, is adjacent to Ethiopia. It remained in rebellion under Commander Malik Agar, a relentless rebel leader who has now become part of the Revolutionary Front grouping.

The Third Region is that of South Kordufan’s Nuba Mountains, South West of Khartoum. It is mineral and natural resources rich region near the border with South Sudan. The current Leader of the rebellion there is Commander Abdul Aziz Al Hilou.  He did not join the current initialing of the agreement. His movement is negotiating with the government under South Kordufan Track. His demand was clear: either the Federal Government dissects any link between state and religion or his region would opt for separation, and ultimately independence like South Sudan.

Since 2011, under western facilitation, the successive federal governments in the Sudan have been holding talks, to no tangible results, with these movements, particularly the Darfur movements. This time the facilitation was provided by the government of South Sudan, and blessed by the African Union and by the Inter-Government Authority for Development or IGAD. The process was not easy because it has come to this stage following “long meetings that continued days and nights for months, since September last year “according  to the Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok who travelled to Juba to witness the signing between the government representatives and the leaders of the two tracks.




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