Weekly Press Columns Digest

Weekly Press Columns Digest

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Following are the editor’s selections from the press commentaries of the last week.

The first commentary tackles statements by some army commanders ruling out a military coup in the country.

The second article comments on the issue of the activity of criminal gangs while a third one is about a controversial shipment of Russian arms delivered at Khartoum Airport by Ethiopian airways: 

Editor of the Alentibaha (the awakening) daily newspaper Ahmed Yousif Altay has written an editorial warning against a military coup like what happened in the Republic of Guinea. He said:

A few days ago the army commanders and the Chief of Staff were talking to the journalists in an exclusive meeting, saying a military coup is impossible; arguing that the international community will not back a military coup anywhere in the World.

As I see it, this talk should not be taken for granted and the people should not go to sleep to this tune. The former Prime Minister Mr. Sadiq Almahdi was sure that a military coup will never take place and whenever he was warned that the then Islamic Front was about to stage a coup,  he used to slander it, saying he was sure no military coup would occur until when the Islamic Front took his (Sadiq’s) power, stealing it in a dark night.

At a time when the international community is pretending to be against military coups and that it would isolate any government that comes to office through a military coup, the secret threads continue to unveil and people discover at the end of the day that it is the (supposedly) called the international community that creates coups in the Third World and boosts such governments one way or another. It gives the green light for the coup and it  submerges such a government with false promises to pull down its legs. And if the coup would occur, it would either find in it a justification for intervening in the affairs of and destroying that country or, else, support the coup perpetrators in secret, pushing them to maltreat their foes and serve the interests of foreign powers.

Shall I remind you about the latest military coup, the one that occurred in Guinea two days ago with secret support from effective powers in the international community?

A lot of information and circumstances now indicate the preparation of the stage and the preparation of the Sudanese public to accept a military coup.

The unstable security situation, the robberies that take place in day light and the movement of vehicles that go about without license plates, all of this goes on to justify a military coup against the December Revolution.

This is in addition to the chaos in the market, the limitless inflation and the continuing living hardship.

All of this is taking place with careful planning to mature the conditions and justifications for the coup the dirty smell of which I am about to feel with each shower of rain or any predawn breathe..

About the meeting held by the Prime Minister with the security chiefs over the increasing crimes, wrote Dr. Zuhair Alsarraj in the daily journal Aljareeda (the newspaper):

Just imagine.. after two years of suffering and agony lived by the people with the gangs and criminals until they lost hope in protection from the security, the Prime Minister has awakened from his nap to look for the causes of the problem and ways to remedy it… with whom? ..with the same military leaders who were the cause of public suffering and who continued to look at the gangs looting and spreading  horror and panic in the members of the society, young and old. These leaders have watched all of this taking place without moving for even a little step. May be they were happy about what they were seeing.

If the Prime Minister was really keen about the security of the citizens, he would have asked those responsible for the military organs to dismiss those loosers and to replace them with responsible others who can carry out with the protection of citizens. And, if these leaders do not comply, he would go out on the media and tell the public that trusted and supported him about everything.

There are thousands of qualified officers, un-commissioned officers and soldiers who were dismissed during the ousted regime for no reason other than that they were not loyal to that regime of corruption.
Those men have been suffering,  ever since the success of the Revolution, from the empty promises of the officials to look into their fair causes and reinstate them in their jobs. If they have been returned to service, they would have, then, helped in the stability of security and the protection of citizens.

The Prime Minister has, during that meeting, directed for the provision of due logistics for the police to help it combat crime.

He also asked the chief of Khartoum State police to intensfy  patrols in areas with security fragility, urging for waging a war  against the instruments of crime like unlicensed vehicles, motorcycles and  weapons(white arms).

Please Sirs…were all these directives in need of all this long time and the inferno that grilled the people to take place? And were they, in principle, in need of such a meeting to be held? Aren’t they part of the natural duty of the security anywhere in the World?

About the affair of the strange shipment of Russian weapons delivered by the Ethiopian Airways at Khartoum Airport, wrote Mr. Osman Ahmed Hassan in the electronic publication Sudanile:

In May 2019, the Ethiopians detained a suspicious shipment of guns shipped from Russia to Khartoum via Addis Ababa. At that time the sit-in was at its prime around the Army General Command and the generals of Bashir’s security committee were mulling ways to break that sit in, even by the use of brutal force.

The dubious shipment was delayed beyond what the generals of the security committee had wanted and landed in Khartoum on 4 September 2021 to trigger a media uproar in which some sought to condemn Ethiopia as sending the shipment to make trouble in Sudan.

Ethiopia’s Embassy in Khartoum moved to issue a statement confirming that the shipment had reached Khartoum Airport with prior knowledge and approval from concerned Sudanese authorities.

But the high committee assigned to retrieve money and properties stolen by the ousted regime seized the shipment as part of its natural duty. Suspicions had loomed about the purpose why this shipment was imported, its source (Russia) and its importer.

And because the deep state is deeply rooted and its octopus arms are the driving force behind the decisions of all the public institutions in Sudan, the situation turned from a suspicion to a complete announcement  of innocence.  

Do not be surprised from what happens from the customs administration when it releases the shipment.

Do not wonder if the Ministry of the Interior issues a statement confirming that official evidence has proved that the weapons’ shipment was official and lawful, simply because the deep state is working day and night and in all government institutions.

And as long as the weapons are Russian-made, carried by a Russian plane to be delivered at Khartoum Airport among all those turbid atmospheres, the doors for suspicion about the shipment’s financial cost will open wide. That is because the political and security situation in Sudan at that time was not conducive to import 72 boxes stuffed with automatic guns equipped with night vision telescopes with which human bodies can be seen in thick darkness.

Moreover, each of the guns had a sight device, a set made up of a lens that could be amended by a small opening through which the user can make sure that the fro

the front telescope and the target were on the same line.    

It is known that this advanced military equipment in the hands of the Vagner mercenary group that used to train the ousted regime’s mercenaries and support them in the dispersal of demonstrations,  is of the most sophisticated brands and could not be obtained unless from the Russian Army’s supplies as military experts say.

The Sudanese Attorney General’s office has considered the revision  by the Ministry of the Interior of the Attorney General’s decisions is a violation of its jurisdictions as just an executive body. 

Is the customs administration ignorant about the law or is it a sort of intransigence on the part of the deep state sitting upon our chests?





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