Weekly Press Columns Digest

Weekly Press Columns Digest

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The following articles have drawn the editor’s attention in the week’s press commentaries and editorials.

The first article is a commentary on General Burhan’s angry remarks about what he called endeavors by foreign diplomatic missions to invoke sedition in Sudan. The second article is a discussion of Prime Minister Abdall Hamdok’s delay in forming his new government and the third and last article is a critique of the recently announced agreement between Darfur Governor, Mr. Minnawi, and the UAE Dubai Ports Company to build a land port and railway facilities in Darfur.

Dr. Murtada Alghali has decried  the recent comment by chairman of the Sovereignty Council (the head of state), General Abdelfattah Alburhan, in which he said that foreign diplomatic missions he did not specify were engaged in what he called acts of sedition in Sudan and that they try to instigate the public against the army.

Writing in the daily newspaper Aldemograti (the democrat), said Dr. Alghali:

General Burhan’s speech is sick talk, infested with more than one disease. On the one hand Burhan wants to say that the people of Sudan are no more than ill-advised ignorant groups who can be instigated by foreigners!

He pretty well knows that the Revolution’s youths and the Sudanese masses when they went out barehanded all over the country to call for freedom and dignity in the face of the repression of the deposed National Salvation regime, its brutal arsenal and armed militias,  did not obtain permission from America, Europe or the United Nations to do so.

They did not ask for UN Security Council permission to allow them to go out in the streets to demand  freedom.

The second and third matter is that the Sudanese people do not wait for anybody to turn them against the army, simply because the Sudanese are not against their army, but are against the group of officers that wants to steal the name of the army to achieve its personal objectives.

It is the people who feel “great jealousy” about their army and want it to become a national, professional, respectful and cohesive institution committed to the rules of protecting the country under one banner and away from the threats of parallel militias.   

And, does Burhan feel that he is more patriotic and more sensitive towards foreign intervention in the country’s affairs than the Sudanese people? Does he feel that he is more careful about maintaining the dignity of the country and its independence than the Sudanese people and the youths of the Revolution who are giving lessons in patriotism and freedom from international subordination and the policy for jumping across axes brought about in the country by the defunct regime of Omar Albashir?

Burhan talk rotates and recycles the obsolete language the deposed Bashir had used to sing in our ears. Of this was his talk that he (Bashir) had once met the British Ambassador and gave her a tough lesson not to interfere in Sudan’s internal affairs!

About the plan by PM Hamdok to form a government of independent technocrats to be accepted by the public and supported by big parties, wrote Mr. Osman Mohammad Hassan in the electronic publication Sudanile:

The plan to form a government with these specifications seems unrealistic. Hamdok’s initial attempts in this endeavor were met with rejection from the honorable technocrats he contacted. These have refused to work with Hamdok in a government they consider the daughter of a military coup which is despised by the majority of the  Sudanese people. For instance, he (Hamdok) has asked agricultural expert, Dr. Maymoona Abuharaz to become his Minister of Agriculture. But she turned down the offer which she considered serves Hamdok’s collusion with the military against the high interests of Sudan.

Prof. Maymoona has expressed her feeling about that offer in an angry audio message in which she spoke about the hegemony of Burhan’s Sovereignty Council  over the judicial work, beginning with the appointment of the chief justice…etc…and also the Council’s encroachment on the jurisdictions of the Council of Ministers when it said it would “supervise” the Council of Ministers’ action .   

Accordingly, there is no wonder in the delay in the formation of the Hamdok Government for about a month after the “Political Agreement" was signed by Burhan and Hamdok.

Hamdok is still doing his best to recruit honorable technocrats to his government and there is no technocrat in the horizon who can give up his personal and scientific pride to serve in a government which is a cats paw of some regional countries and (at the same time) prepares and (beautifies) itself to fall in the arms of the U.S and Western countries.   

Supposing that Hamdok has managed to form his required government the people of Sudan  will not accept it and will continue to chant out: No Going back..and Just Down..Down with  Military Rule!

For that the Revolution against the military coup will continue nonstop. The people will not accept such a government like the one Hamdok is trying to form whatever he (Hamdok), the Arab axis countries and Mr. Volker Perthes, the UN Mission Chief do, simply because all of these are just after their own interests.

And if Hamdok is counting on leaderships like the Umma (nation) Party Chairman, Retired Major General Fadlalla Burma Nasir, and the other safe- landing political parties leaderships, to persuade the public to support his new cabinet, he is wrong. These figures have lost every public sympathy, even within their own parties’ youthful cadres who have vowed to defend their country until the end.

It was announced early in the week that Darfur Governor, Minni Arko Minnawi, has sealed a deal with the Dubai Ports Company of the United Arab Emirate (UAE) to build a land port and railway facilities in Darfur.

A lot of Sudanese writers have often been critical of the UAE Government’s dubious movements in Sudan, specially around the country’s ports.

The writers also blame that country for seeking to undermine the country’s economy and freedom.

On this issue wrote outspoken writer, Ms. Hanadi Alsiddiq, in the daily journal Aljareeda (the newspaper):

In the absence of democracy and good governance, many officials think our country is a private property of theirs, free to do with it what they want, in complete violation of the country’s laws, rules and regulations.

Darfur Governor Arko Minni Minnawi has sealed a deal with the Dubai Ports Company to build a land port and railway lines in Darfur.

This agreement is a national catastrophe par excellence. That is because it is this same company the Sudanese people had revolted against and rejected when brother to the deposed Bashir sealed a deal with it to run the Sudan’s major Red Sea ports. 

Minnawi wants with this agreement to give this same company, which was driven away from many countries including the U.S.A and Somalia, access  into the lands of Sudan via Darfur in which Minnawi has become ruler after the Juba Peace Agreement.

The fact of the matter is that this Company has no relation with ports, whatsoever. It is an alliance of local, regional and international intelligence agencies whose first goal is to control the Sudan’s rich  and diverse natural resources. 

It has become imperative and necessary for the protesters to call for toppling this man (Minnawi) in order to stop his unilateral attempts to sell out and reallocate the lands and wealth of Sudan through Darfur, which he now considers a private property of his.

Further, this may also explain the causes of the daily massacres in Jebel Moon in West Darfur, the Algenaina town villages and in South and West Darfur the magnitude of which has by far exceeded those of last year (before the Juba peace agreement was signed)

This is enough reason to raise suspicions that this is a carefully planned design by foreign circles to control the area’s diverse riches of gold, uranium, copper, iron and other minerals, in addition to its animal resources of horses and camels.

In conclusion, I must say that any further presence of Minnawi in Darfur will lead the country into inescapable catastrophes and may copy the separation  of Southern Sudan in Darfur. For this reason, vigilance is necessary!



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