Ramadan Iftar - Bringing All Protesters Together

Ramadan Iftar - Bringing All Protesters Together

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Ramadan, for the followers of Islamic Faith, is the month when Muslims observe fasting from dawn to dusk. But it is above all, a month where believers exhibit mercy, tolerance and cooperation.

One of its salient traits is the assembly of family members and grouping of neighboring in living quarter even though they might not be relatives or hailing from same region or any other blood kinship. This of course has its tragic side; because families would in this month remember those they lost and feel their absence much deeper than any other time of the Muslim calendar year in the Sudan.

And it becomes much hurtful when the loss of the beloved ones is related to tragic, regrettable and sorrowful events. This was the case of those families who lost their loved ones during the December Revolution. There the genius of the Sudanese youth stands out. They would share with those families the memories of those who martyred.

For those families Ramadan has now to be associated with two of the most heinous crimes against the youth demonstrating in Khartoum and elsewhere in the Sudan in quest for a better future; a civilian led administration: on the 8th of Ramadan 2019, twelve protesters were shot dead at the site of the sit-in adjacent to Army General Command in Khartoum. Again on the 29th of Ramadan of the same year unidentified armed forces cracked on the sit-in area leaving over 100 dead, tens of wounded and countless missing persons.

Some 94 protesters have also been killed by the security forces since General Burhan's coup of October 25, 2021.

This year the youth protesters have been organizing daily Ramadan Iftar since the start of the month. These take place in turn in houses and residential areas of the martyrs.

The youth organizing the breakfasting would invite all friends, Resistance Committees and neighbors to come to the events in a show of solidarity and a sharing of the grief and consolation for each other.

A Sudanow reporter had attended one of these Iftars where the program included introducing unknown martyrs, remembering them and telling their parents that all protesters are here for them, reciting Quran for the martyrs souls, delivering political statements about the revolution persistence, chanting some revolution slogans, reading patriotic poetry, singing....etc.


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