In Memory Of The Wantonly Killed Martyrs At The Sit In

In Memory Of The Wantonly Killed Martyrs At The Sit In


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - How ugly an inhuman person with a dead conscience can look. And how poor such a person can look when he stealthy walks among people, hiding his real character. Or when he hides himself, quite elated by the mean crime he had committed, unaware that he never deserves the honor of belonging to normal mankind!

What is told by eyewitnesses, who narrowly escaped the massacre at the Army General Command sit-in on the third of June, is a story of unspeakable savagery when the assailants went in a campaign of killing and raping, or at least harshly beating the crowd members with batons and whips. That was a scene a normal human being would wish never to have seen or imagined.

128 deaths and hundreds of wounded is what could have been counted thus far. And the number could be higher if we understand that hundreds of persons are still unaccounted for. These innocent victims had no guilt other than the love of their noble souls for freedom. They were after the freeing of their fellow countrymen from humiliation and from the corruption of the rulers. They raised no arms in the faces of their attackers.

What is more painful is that the right of these people to justice has been compromised by the shaky position of the Transitional Military Council that once cedes responsibility for what happened and once denies any responsibility.

Committees meet and set deadlines for announcing the investigation results but these committees have so far failed to live up to what they have promised.

This photo carries the names of those martyrs inscribed against the map of the Sudan, as pictures of many of them could not be obtained yet.



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