Transitional Military Council And Forces For Freedom And Change Strike A Deal

Transitional Military Council And Forces For Freedom And Change Strike A Deal

KHARTOUM (Sudanow)  -The Transitional Military Council and the Forces for Freedom and Change have reached an agreement under the supervision of the African Union and the Ethiopian mediators, to share the presidency and to leave forming the executive to the FFC while the two sides will ponder on the formation of the legislature upon completing the executive organs.


The two sides have agreed on the main points of contention which is the Sovereignty, a collective Presidency. The body will be formed of 11 members, five from military and five from the civilians, with the 11th member to be jointly selected from a civilian background. The presidency will be rotational, with the first round led by the Military.


The two sides, according to the African Union Mediator, Mohamed Alhassan Labatt, agreed the interim period which start from the date of the signing of the agreement, is of three year and three months.


On another thorny issue, the probe about the massacre that took place on June the 3rd in the area of the sit in of the revolutionaries and in other areas, the two sides agreed to conduct “a national, meticulous, transparent and independent investigation” on the matter and to make the finding public.


The two sides, he said, have also agreed to work collectively for creating a good climate for national accord and national reconciliation and to “move forwards for the good of the Sudanese people and the homeland”.

Hundreds of people, particularly youth starting pouring into the streets of Khartoum immediately after the agreement was made public early morning Friday, chanting “freedom, change, freedom, justice freedom” with women ululating and chanting, waving the national flags and blocking some streets with their joyful massive presence.


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