Sudanese Constitutional Declaration Document Initialed By Rivals In Khartoum

Sudanese Constitutional Declaration Document Initialed By Rivals In Khartoum


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The Transitional Military Council and the Forces for Freedom and Change have initialed the final Constitutional Declaration document, in the attendance of the African Union mediators and facilitators.

The organizers said a grand ceremony is envisaged on the 17th of August, to celebrate the signing of all texts approved by the two sides. These will be two texts including the political declaration and the constitutional document and a third would be an addendum on peace realization.

The Military Council was represented in today’s signing event by General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo while the  Forces For Freedom And Change (FFC) was represented by Ahmed Rabie.

Omar Digair, a leading member of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), warned the nation in live broadcast that “the coming phase is the most difficult phase as it entails the re-construction of the state, rehabilitation of the country and instilling peace and comprehensive reconciliation.”

He stressed that what the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) wants was “a homeland that embraces all and leaves nobody out or excluded”. Here Digair who could barely hold himself from sobbing apparently remembering those who passed away in defense of the uprising and in quest for such a moment.

He underlined that those same revolutionaries will stand as guardian and monitors for the performance of the interim authority least it deviates from the principles set in the constitutional declaration document

The General Daglo has meanwhile underlined that this was “a win win. There is no looser, no single winner”

He reminded people that by initialing this document, the Sudanese have now overcome a very harsh moment and turned a difficult page in the history of fighting.

“We will overcome all the woes of the past. We will not rest until we bring to justice all those who violated the rights of the Sudanese people.”He stressed.

The document stipulates the formation of a 11-man sovereignty council which is a collective presidency, including five from the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) and five from a military background, plus an 11th one, probably a civilian with a military background.

It also specified the jurisdiction of the collective presidency in legislative matter, and named its jurisdictions on security and peace realization questions including contact with the rebel movements currently carrying arms in several areas of the country.

The said document has also specified that the executive shall not exceed twenty portfolios to be selected by the prime minister and blessed by the Sovereign Council.

The document also give the  Forces For Freedom And Change (FFC) 67% of the seats within the coming legislature while the 33 others will be selected in consultation with the current Military Council which in turn would be resolved upon the nomination of the Sovereign Council or the Collective Presidency.

Ambassador Mahmud Dirrir, Envoy of Ethiopia and representative of President Abyei Ahmed told the ceremony in Khartoum that the documents and the success of the negotiations show that “We as Africans are able to resolve our problems by ourselves. And the stability of the Sudan is stability for the whole African continent”.

Dirrir is one of the three African mediators who co-facilitated the discussions between the two Sudanese rivals.

He expressed hope that the name of the Sudan would be lifted from the list of countries accused of sponsoring international terrorism, as set by the American Administration. He said diplomatic efforts should be double to reach that objective.

The lead African Mediator, Professor Mohamed El Hassan Lebatt has however warned the Sudanese that they should make sure that their army and other regular forces are intact and that their revolution is maintained alive and burning.

He also advised Sudanese to make sure that their country remains independent and away from foreign intervention.

He said “the Sudanese revolution is a lesson to entire African continent”.




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