Sudanese Ratify Final Documents On Transition To Civil Rule

Sudanese Ratify Final Documents On Transition To Civil Rule


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – The Sudanese political and military rivals have finally signed the completed copies of their agreements on political and constitutional questions in the attendance of robust neighbouring, regional and international representations that is rarely seen in such domestic event in Africa and the Arab world.
The Transitional Military Council and Forces for Freedom and Change on Saturday signed the two documents which they have initialled recently, paving the way for a civilian led cabinet.
An impressive high level representation from neighbouring countries as well as regional and international organizations attended the event and expressed support and backing for the Sudan in its new drive for democracy and rule of law under a civilian government.
"The Armed Forces will spare no efforts to ensure a smooth transition to a civil government" the head of the Transitional Military Council Lt General Abdul Fatah Al Burhan told the ceremony attended by the heads of state and government of Kenya, Chad, CAR, Ethiopia and South Sudan as well as representative from Arab, Europe, Asia and the United States of America.
He said this was a day Sudanese should use to overcome all the hard feelings of the past.
Dr Mohamed Najii Assam, a leading figure of the Sudanese Forces for Freedom and Change said the group will not go after revenge nor were they going after the members of the defunct National Congress Party of Omar Bashir. He stressed, however, that any abuse of properties or misappropriation would be brought back to the pubic coffer in due process of law.
‘’Justice and accountability will be the key duties of the coming administration’’ Najii stressed. He said peace should also be the priority for the government and that internally displaced persons, refugees and marginalized people grievances should be addressed and be enabled to gain their rights.
The revolutionary leader has meanwhile stressed that there would be no impunity for those who committed the massacres against his colleagues on June the 3rd when dozens of youth were killed by gun mean in the small hours of that day.
He commended the role played by the African mediators in helping the Sudanese rivals reached the deal.
Mohamed Hassan Lebatt, the African mediator, said the agreement showed that Africa was now more than ever standing on its feet, firm and sure ‘’and determined to maintain its independence’’. He said it also showed that Africa is able to meet its challenges by its own people.
Both the African Union envoy, Lebatt and the Ethiopian government mediator, Mahmoud Dirrir, were granted the highest Sudanese medallion of honour, the Republican Medallion-First Class, for their role in the process.
Addressing the event, President of South Sudan State, Salva Kiir Mayardit, underscored his country backing for the Sudan to achieve the interim period goals and real inclusive peace.
President Kiir said that South Sudan stands ready to play a leading role in return of the armed groups to peace talks, calling on Sudanese people to unite and achieve economic development.
He called on international and foreign powers to allow Sudanese achieve their wishes without intervention, because they know what was good for their country.
President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, has meanwhile said final signing of transitional period documents would pave way
for future solutions to Sudan’s challenges.
He affirmed his country support to Sudan and urged the Sudanese parties to engage in the peaceful process and implement the items of the deal as well as building national institutions.
President Kenyatta called the Sudanese to consider principles of rule of law and expression of diversity of people of Sudan  to achieve political stability and ensure that the political values sought by the Sudanese are not neglected, calling the Sudanese to solve their problems through dialogue and diplomacy.
Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki said the final signing of agreement which took place  in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum Saturday amid regional and international presence, would arrange for democratic transitional stage in Sudan.
He said, while he was addressing the signing ceremony, that  the deal would put an end to wars, disasters and conflicts and the AU recognizes sizes of challenges mentioned above.
Faki appreciated efforts of his representative Mohamed Al-Hassan Lebbat which was crowned by final signing of the agreement as well as endeavours of the Ethiopian envoy, Mahmoud Dirir who cooperated with  them to reach the ultimate goals.

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