PM: Delisting Sudan From Terror Group A Prime Challenge Before Economic Improvement

PM: Delisting Sudan From Terror Group A Prime Challenge Before Economic Improvement

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – The prime minister and his finance and economic planning minister, have concurred that delisting the Sudan from the group of states Washington considers sponsor of international terrorism, remains the main challenge before any economic upward in the Sudan.

Both the Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok, and Finance and Economic Planning Minister, Ibrahim Al Badawi, addressed a three day economic conference currently in session in Khartoum under the motto of “Sustainable and Inclusive Development in Sudan”, with the prime minister stressed that removing the name of the Sudan from the infamous list remains the “biggest challenge” the transitional government is facing, saying delisting the Sudan has become a prerequisite for the remedy of all other woes facing the country.

Hamdok who was addressing the inaugural session of the Conference, which is organized by the Sudan Research Group, has outlined that his government will base all its action on science and scholarly research, following the case of the Asian tiers who made economic leaps based on such research.

He said people should take the example of South Korea which relied on research and science to achieve its miraculous economic upheaval and become an example to be copied.

But he said the transitional government is led by the outstanding motto of the December Revolution: “Freedom, Peace and Justice” which also set a number of priorities the transitional government has to achieve.

The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister both said ending the war would spur the economic growth along with the other measures and help with equitable distribution of resources in the country, particularly in areas affected by the civil strife and economic grievances.

He underlined that his top priority is to end the civil war in the country and build a sustainable peace. He said this was the reasons that his first visit outside the country upon taking over was to Juba, South Sudan, where he met with the leaders of the armed rebel movements.

He mentioned the suffering of the ordinary people in face of the high prices, inflation, the deterioration of the national currency as well as the shortage in fuel and transportation.

Hamdok stressed the need to fight corruption and nepotism and observe accountability in all government business and that on Sudanese foreign policy, a balance approach remains his choice and that all be guided by Sudan’s national interests.

Meanwhile the  Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Ibrahim Al-Badawi, has concurred with the prime minister saying peace should remain the priority of the while government if any viable development is to be achieved in the country.

Al-Badawi argued that achieving peace will help the country divert resources to development and rehabilitation fields.




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