Poet, Freedom Fighter Fedaily Jamma’a Back Home After 29 Years In Exile

Poet, Freedom Fighter Fedaily Jamma’a Back Home After 29 Years In Exile


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - After 29 years in self-exile in London, poet and freedom advocate Fedaily Jamma’a is back to a hero’s welcome in Khartoum.

Poet Jamma’a was accorded an official and a massive popular welcome upon landing at Khartoum Airport.

Fedaily Jamma’a is one of Sudan’s outstanding poets and had occupied a high position in the conscience of Sudanese since he emerged on the literary scene, among a constellation of young poets from Western Sudan, in the early 1970s.

Jamma’a had joined the scores of opposition figures of the Bashir regime when it seized power in a military coup in 1989, taking part in writings and events aimed at unveiling the atrocities of the defunct regime and at dislodging it.

Jamma’a was received at the Khartoum Airport VIP Lounge by Minister of Culture and Information Faisal Mohammad Salih,  the Culture and Information Ministry’s First Undersecretary Rasheed Saeed, Director of the National Council For Culture and Arts, Poet A’alim Abbas, beside representatives of the national committee assigned to receive him and a group of revolutionary youths.

Soon after the reception, Jamma’a proceeded to the sit-in zone facing the Army General Command where he prayed for the souls of those killed in the brutal crackdown in the area on the third of June 2019. He then laid a bouquet of flowers in the area in honor of the martyrs of the December 2019 Revolution that ousted Marshall Bashir from power.

“The Sudanese people have achieved the greatest of revolutions in modern history,” Jamma’a addressed the gathering.

“It is confirmed for me today that we have delved into a new era, and we will never go back. Anyone who might have said that our revolution will falter does not read the history of Sudan, because if he does he will know that nothing can stop the willpower of this nation,” he said.

 Welcoming the return to the country of Poet Jamma’a, Minister Salih commended the struggle and sacrifices of the People of the Sudan “that made the return of these revolutionaries possible to their home country.”

Minister Salih said the country’s doors will be open for the return of freedom fighters to the embrace of their motherland and that the country is looking forward to the contributions of these men and women.

Journalist Mohieddin Jibreel said the return of Poet Jamma’a is no less than the return of political figureheads.

“Poet Jamma’a had enriched the Sudan’s literary life with spectacular verse and writings that earned him wide public admiration both inside and outside the country,” said Jibreel.

“Jamma’a homecoming is a big event worthy of celebration,” he further said.




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