Day When Court Staff Were Punished Over A Love Poem

Day When Court Staff Were Punished Over A Love Poem

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - One of the wonders of the Sudanese judiciary, documented in the Anthology website, tells that the late poet and judge Alhaseen Alhassan and the late Singer Abdel Kareem Alkabli had  received a tough punishment from their employer when the first composed his hit “The Love of My Life” and the latter composed its melody and sang it.

It so happed in the 1960s that Poet, Meroe (in Northern Sudan) Court District Resident Magistrate Alhaseen Alhassan, felt so strongly about a certain lady and expressed this in a touching poem. Artist Kabli, the Court’s Administrator, who was then in his beginnings as an artist, composed a melody for it. The court’s junior magistrate Omar Abdela’ati, used to enjoy performing the song with the two men.

Employees of other government institutions in Meroe then joined in the singing, though in a narrow circle.

But the song, its story and its heroes very soon reached Khartoum and the then Chief Justice Babiker Awadalla (later on the country’s Prime Minister in 1969) was so upset that his supposedly- dignified staff were involved in such indecent conduct.

To discipline the three of them he transferred Alhassan, the Meroe Resident Magistrate, to Khartoum and charged him to launch the military judiciary.

The court’s administrator, Singer Kabli, was transferred to the lands section of the Khartoum North Court.

Junior judge Abdela’ati was moved to the Khartoum North Court also. But he later on quit the judiciary and became a distinguished lawyer.

Begins the Song:

Love of my life, we can hide it no more’

It has become known everywhere.

I had built fortresses around it, hid it from curious eyes,

Made a cradle for it in my heart,

Rested it on my broken liver…

From the light of my eyes, wove a cover for it

Embroidered it with the dearest of pearls.

Nevertheless, the news spread everywhere



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