Great Actress Fatahia Mohamed Ahmed Passes Away

Great Actress Fatahia Mohamed Ahmed Passes Away

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) -   Sudanese theatre and drama performance has lost one of its major pillars who succumb to death following a courageous battle with illness: actress Fatahia Mohamed Ahmed passed away peacefully surrounded by her family on Tuesday in a Khartoum hospital.

Born in 1948 in the western Sudan town of Al Obied, 580 km west of the national capital Khartoum, Fatahia was as one of the pioneering women to enter the domain of theater and drama in the country.  She once told a TV host how she had to face social stigmatization  because she entered this field in early 1960s when women were only tolerated to serve as nurse and teachers. Acting and performance was even a taboo for men, let alone women. It took more than courage to pursue this profession.

Fatahia starred in many Sudanese theatrical plays that stood out as classic within Sudanese theater and performance arts. These included Khutubat Suhair (Suhair's Betrothal), a play that handled sociopolitical issues through the stand of family headed by a drunken father, Mekk Nimir (a north Sudan region tribal chief known in the history for killing an Egyptian invading battalion headed by the son of the Othman ruler Mohamed Ali Pasha by setting them on fire after he served the invaders liquor), Ala Aink Ya Tajir (Openly), Iblees (the Satan) which dealt with social corruption... etc

She was also remembered for her roles in TV and radio drama series including Alhaita Almila (The Slanted Wall), Sikat Akhtar (Dangerous Way) Alshaima (Whirlpool), Aldahabaia (golden girl), and Agmar Aldawahi (Rural area stars). 

Fatahia had also presented two radio programmes; Ansa wa Aeesh (Forget your problems and enjoy life) and Women Affairs.

The Sudanese theatrical Director Hatim Mohamed Ali wrote in his Facebook page "An artist made of gold has departed  ... Fatahia Mohamed Ahmed. . . A creative actress who had built for herself a great history ... She came from a far away region and created a commendable lasting presence in history of theatre, radio and TV performance” in the Sudan.


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