Resistance Committees Endorse Charter For Establishment Of People’s Power

Resistance Committees Endorse Charter For Establishment Of People’s Power

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Khartoum State's Resistance Committees endorsed on Wednesday evening the Charter for the Establishment of People's Power aiming at overthrowing the October 25 military coup and outlining the main features and structures of a two - years transitional period.

The Khartoum States Resistance Committees are leading the anti-coup protests in Sudan.

The coup was led by the then president of the transitional Sovereignty Council cum army leader Geneal Abdul Fatah al Burhan only weeks before the date fixed for him to hand over leadership of the Sovereignty Council to the civilians.

The Character reiterated rejection of any negotiations with the coup leaders and determination to topple them through peaceful resistance.

The Committees have refused to join the current dialogue process facilitated by the African Union, IGAD and UNITAMS aiming at solving the coup ensuing crisiso.

The Charter stipulated repeal of the Constitutional Document of 2019 according to which the transitional government had been consisted of military and civilian components.

The Document will be replaced by a temporary constitutional declaration based on the People's Authority Charter.

The Charter also called for review of all concluded agreements and decrees issued since April 11th, 2019, the date of toppling former president Bashir regime, including the Juba Peace Agreement.

According to the Charter a transitional national legislative council will be the supreme authority of the state as it would nominate and appoint the prime minister and his cabinet. The prime minister and the cabinet members are accountable before the legislative council.

The charter specified guidelines for economic management and foreign relations.

The Charter also stresses the need to reform the security and military sectors. "Rebuilding the National Intelligence Service and limiting its powers to the collection and analysis of information", reads the Charter.

The armed militias including the Rapid Support Forces should be dissolved and the former rebel groups should be integrated into the national army.

The civil service and the judicial authority also must be reformed.

Several commissions should be formed for transitional justice, peace, elections, women, constitution, anti-corruption ...etc.


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