Including Sudanese Scientist, Team Devises Smart Application To Stem Covid-19 Spread In Norway

Including Sudanese Scientist, Team Devises Smart Application To Stem Covid-19 Spread In Norway

OSLO, NORWAY (Sudanow) - Norwegian of Sudanese origin, Professor Ahmed Mustafa Elmokashfi, along with a work team of scientists and researchers, has devised a smart phone application to check the spread of Covid 19 infections in Norway.

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg had inaugurated the application, called Smittestopp (stop the infection), on Thursday 16 April and urged all the citizens to download it to protect themselves and control the pandemic.

Prof. Elmokashfi is a senior research scientist at the Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering (a research unit that is jointly owned by Simula Research Laboratory and Oslo Metropolitan University) where he is heading the Centre for Resilient Networks and Applications.

He is the technical manager of the Smittestopp project, a joint undertaking by Simula Research Laboratory and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

According to the application operatives the Smittestopp is an app that will help the health authorities to limit the transmission of coronavirus. Anonymised data about movement patterns in society from the app are used to develop effective infection control measures.

Once you have downloaded and started to use the Smittestopp app, you will be sent a text message if you have been in close contact with another Smittestop user who is subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19. The message will advise about how to limit further transmission.

The data about where the user has been are recorded from Location Services and Bluetooth by the Smittestopp app. These data are deleted after 30 days.

The user data will not be made available to anyone other than authorised personnel, and only then if the user is recorded as being in close contact with someone subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19. The user also have the right to access the data that the Norwegian Institute of Public Health stores about him/her.

Prof. Elmokashfi received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oslo in 2011, M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, specialisation in Telecommunication, BTH, Sweden (2007) and B.Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Khartoum, Sudan (2003).




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