Muslims Of The Two Sudans Mourn Sultan Abelbagi Akol

Muslims Of The Two Sudans Mourn Sultan Abelbagi Akol

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Muslims in the republics of South Sudan and Sudan are in deep grief over the departure of Sultan Abdelkbagi Ayii Akol, widely considered the spiritual father of South Sudanese Muslims, who died in Juba on Saturday after an illness.

Sultan, Lt. General, Abdelbagi Akol, was advisor of the President of the Republic of South Sudan on border issues and the settlement of tribal disputes, after the separation of Southern Sudan from the mother country, Sudan.

Sheikh Abdelbagi was also chairman of the Islamic Consultative Council of South Sudan.

He is father of South Sudan’s Vice President Hussein Abdelbagi, Lt. General Aganj, Nureddin and Ibrahim, all of whom are influential figures in the South Sudan.

The late Sheikh Abdelbagi Akol had had substantive contributions in the proliferation of Islam in South Sudan and is widely acceptable among the different ethnic components of South Sudan, a matter that enabled him to solve a lot of ethnic and tribal conflicts in the country.

The late Sheikh Abdelbagi Akol is one of the most prominent Sultans of South Sudan and the Dinka Tribe. He was the Dinka Sultan (tribal chief) in Aweel district of South Sudan.





  1. Wieu Paulino Agany

    Sorry for leaving us in pain my dear beloved grandfather, i wish you wouldhave see our children before your die, may your soul be rest in peace.

  2. Akech Mangok Akol

    We will not foreget you our Hero,and put at your right side God AMEN

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