Luba Abyad, A Highly Useful Legume

Luba Abyad, A Highly Useful Legume

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Luba Abyad is a popular meal in most of the rural areas of Sudan.

It is a variety of the leguminous vigna beans (Vigna unguiculata) grown in many parts of the world.

Here in this country, housewives cook and present this legume in many ways.

It is either powdered, crushed or cooked whole.

In either case, luba abyad is cooked into the popular gruels albarbour and alwaikab and enters into the popular ta’amiyya snacks. It is also boiled with salt, spices or with fat and sugar.

Powdered luba can also be mixed with curdle milk. The latter product is a basic dish on happy occasions. The plant’s leaves are also cooked as stew. The pods can be eaten raw if they are very small and freshly picked.

Aromatic and medical herbs specialist, Dr. Ehsan Mohammad Alhadi, says luba abyad is a legume (vigna unguiculata) rich in fibers and, by that definition, is a basic substance for the treatment of digestive system disorders like constipation and diarrhea “as nutritional fibers are the best treatment for stomach problems: It helps absorb water, soften excreta, and enhance bowel movement.

Luba abyad contains little calories and cholesterol, thus helps in weight loss as the fibers it contains absorb nutritional substances and prevent fat and poison accumulation.

In the same token, luba abyad is highly satiating. The combination of rich nutrients with fibers achieves quick results in weight loss.

Luba Abyad regulates sugar in the blood and is accordingly favored by diabetes when it was discovered to have the ability to cut on blood sugar. This characteristic is because luba abyad nutrients are slowly absorbed in the body.

Luba abyad also contains a high quantity of magnesium necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body. Taking foods rich in magnesium is also known to reduce the chances of diabetic infection.

Luba abyad pods, especially fresh ones, also help reduce blood sugar.

Dry pods can also be taken as tea to heal elema and the accumulation of water in the body, in the feet in particular.

Luba abyad is also helpful in cases of sciatica, chronic rheumatism and the accumulation of uric acid in the body.

It is also useful in ulcer cases and skin ulcers. Pod powder infused in water is also used as a mask to cure acne. In this luba abyad is both a food and a cosmetic.

Luba abyad is grown in the rain-fed areas of Gedarif, the Blue Nile, Sinnar, the Northern and Nahr Alneel states, Darfur and Kordofan.

But the farmers in those areas just grow this crop for local consumption, especially in major schemes where it helps renew soil fertility.

Because vigna is now gaining bigger popularity around the World, by virtue of its many uses, Sudan can grow wider areas of this crop for exportation.




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