Greedy Uncle Denied Orphans Their Inheritance, Later They Became His Sole Heirs

Greedy Uncle Denied Orphans Their Inheritance, Later They Became His Sole Heirs

By: Rogia al-Shafee

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - It is in human nature and in all religions to treat orphans with kindness and to look after them until they grow up and depend on themselves.

It is also always inhuman to maltreat orphans or at least ignore them.

It is in the teachings of Islam that those who usurp the property of orphans are destined to hell, “will eat fire in their stomachs,” as the Holy Koran has judged.

Vice versa, if someone takes care of an orphan, he is promised paradise “Me and the one who supports an orphan, will be in paradise, like these,” said the Prophet Mohammad, raising His index and middle fingers and closing them vertically towards each other.

But some bad people may act opposite to this. They may even deny orphans the money they inherent from their parents.

As related to Sudanow by lawyer Mustafa Mohammad, this story had occurred sometime ago here in Sudan and was ruled upon by a court of law:

Two brothers were investing money they inherited from their father in a lucrative trade. But one day the older brother happened to die.

After the days of mourning were over, the younger brother came to his deceased brother’s home with a small sum of money, saying the trade was not going well and that was their share from it. He said because the business was bad, he was leaving the country to seek work abroad.

The bereaved widow of his brother was very surprised by what she heard. She knew pretty well that their inheritance was far bigger than that. But because there was neither record of the trade nor how it was fairing, she and her family had nothing but to keep silent.    

Then she decided not to sit idle. She tapped all types of work to support her five children, the older of whom was just ten years old. Due to the dire situation some of the kids had to drop out of school and work to help the rest.

Meanwhile, their uncle invested the inherited money in a business outside the country. He accumulated an immense wealth, but never thought of his deceased brother’s family. Even when he came to Sudan, he never thought of giving them even a small gift.

Twenty five years later, the uncle decided to retire and return to the country and settle down because of of bad health.

In the company of his elder son, he visited Sudan, inspected their big investments, bought a high-rise building in Central Khartoum and furnished and decorated it the best they could in anticipation of their final return to the country.

A week before they returned to Sudan, the man was out with all the members of his family for final sight-seeing and shopping before they left for Khartoum. As they drove around the city, their car crashed in a road accident, killing all of them.

Because there were no other heirs, the orphaned kids took all the property of their greedy uncle. That was heaven’s judgment.




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