Egyptian Taxi Driver Gets His Life’s Surprise From Sudanese Passenger

Egyptian Taxi Driver Gets His Life’s Surprise From Sudanese Passenger

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - As related by an Egyptian writer in Almajara Press website under the title: Sudanese Thief…the Most Surprising Theft in Cairo, wrote the website:

Uncle Mustafa (48) is a taxi driver in Cairo. He has a baby daughter suffering from cardiac problems.

In the course of his daily breadwinning duty, a Sudanese skinny, brown wearing a white T-shirt and black trousers young man took the taxi for a ride from Ramses Square to down-town Cairo.

Uncle Mustafa suffers from diabetes and lives on insulin injections.

As he drove on, Uncle Mustafa felt a drop in his blood sugar and heavy dizziness.

 Unfortunately he had no more of insulin that day and he had no enough money to buy some.

 So he decided to postpone his drug doze until he collects the price.

All of a sudden he fell unconscious until he awoke the next day to find himself on bed in a public hospital.

He asked why he was there and was told that a young Sudanese man brought him to hospital and left.

Out of the hospital he could not find his taxi not his mobile phone, nor even his wallet.

It was also found that the young man did not give the details of his ID, instead giving those of Uncle Mustafa.

That was a complete robbery, the hospital officials and Uncle Mustafa concluded.

But the young man was a kind hearted person. He paid for the hospital and went away. He did not tolerate to throw the man in the street and leave him to face death. “A very painful incident! People are eating each other’s flesh, thought the hospital staff and also Uncle Mustafa.

Out of the hospital Uncle Mustafa madly rushed to the police station, and reported the theft of his taxi.

He gave the descriptions of the young man and the place he picked him from.

Revising the hospital cameras, the young man was identified and a photo was taken for his image on the cameras.

Out of Shock, Uncle Mustafa could not go home, but kept wandering in the streets, weeping for misfortune…. In just a moment, everything he had worked for was lost..  His taxi, whose last installment he paid last month was gone.

So, Uncle Mustafa continued to blame himself, shouting and tearful.” Is it possible that after all this toil to buy medicine for my daughter, I am robbed in this way and find myself totally broke? For me it does not matter.. what can I do for the poor girl? Should I go around begging to help her? 

His crying obliged the passersby to hold him, made him sit on a chair and gave him water to drink.

A taxi driver then came forward and asked him where he lived, promising to take him home.

He gave the address. The man took him to the place.

Back home, you could not imagine what had happened: He found his taxi cab parked below the building.

Going upstairs he got into his flat to find his daughter asleep in her bed with a ventilator on her face.

Another surprise was that his wife was aware that he was sick in hospital.

And when he asked what all of this was, his wife told him the girl suffered a lot the day before. “When I dialed your phone number, ‘your Sudanese friend’ replied and told me you were in sugar coma and he had evacuated you to hospital. God bless him this man. If it were not for him, the girl would have died. May Allah repay him. He did not let me spend a single piaster. He paid all the girl’s medication costs”.

Here uncle Mustafa was very embarrassed. “Had I not found this young man, my daughter and I would have died,” he told himself.

And by the way Uncle Mustafa went to the police station and withdrew the case against the young man.

Then he started another journey: Looking everywhere for the young man, to no avail.

“Honor, honesty, and good manners.. In short this is what is meant by the word Sudanese,” according to the Almajara website.



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