Sudanese European Film Festival In Drive-in Shows

Sudanese European Film Festival In Drive-in Shows

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Friday saw the opening of the Sudanese European Film Festival 2021 in an outdoor drive-in show for the first time in Khartoum.

The drive-in show was resorted to in keeping with the Covid19 regulations for social distancing.

The Festival is one of ‘Shasha’ activities for this year. Shasha is part of the 'Sudan and Europe - Creative Connections' project of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), implemented by the British Council and financed by the European Union.

The festival aims at building the capacities of filmmakers and propagating the Sudanese and European cinema.

It is co-organized by the British Council, the business DAL Group, Capital Radio 91.6 FM and the telecom provider Zain-Sudan.

The shows take place at the theatre of the International Fair of Khartoum, during 26 February-4 March and will screen 9 Sudanese films selected on competition as well as 5 European films.

One of the Sudanese films selected for the occasion is entitled Ma Indak Sheel “If you don’t have, take!” which is a short film whose hero is a survivor of the sit-in massacre around the Army General Command who suffers from depression. The title of the film is a reference to a tradition during the sit-in in which the protesters were free to take from one of the donation boxes scattered around the place if they don’t have money, and to put what they can in the box if they have enough to donate from. 

Another film, Songs of Solitude, tells the story of a Sudanese young man forced by the repression of the defunct regime to seek asylum in Britain.

European films include The Vice of Hope, Italy, Farewell to Europe (Germany, France, Austria) and Ray &Liz, United Kingdom.

The organizers have put in place a lot of security measures as well as due health precautions against the Covid 19 pandemic, that include masking whenever the spectator is outside his/her car. A limit of a maximum four persons has been specified for each car.

The car windows should be kept open during the show and the engine should be stopped. Kids below 18 are not allowed in, except on the family film day. IDs will be checked at the gateway and all cars will also be checked upon entrance.

This is the 11th edition of the Festival which was previously called the European Film Festival.

Sudanese filmmaking has started with documentaries in the 1940s. Long and short feature films had flourished during the 1970s after which the industry went in limbo during the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, ousted by the December 2018-April2019 Revolution.

In the last two years we have seen a revival of the Sudanese cinema with masterpieces from young producers, such as the now widely viewed film “You Will Die At Twenty”, produced by Amjad Abulella and which becomes the country's first ever submission for the Oscar in the foreign language category.



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