Family Shaves Off Hair In Solidarity With Journalist Hashim Karrar

Family Shaves Off Hair In Solidarity With Journalist Hashim Karrar

KHARTOUM (Suadnow) - A photo of Sudanese Journalist Hashim Karrar with all his hair lost due to chemotherapy was widely circulated in the mass and social media, after his faithful wife and his kids chose to get the “zero shave” in solidarity with him.

Some of his fellow journalists also got the “close shave.”

Karrar, who lives and works in Doha for the Qatari daily newspaper Alwatan (the Homeland), wrote a touching message on his Facebook Page in which he thanked his wife, his kids “and all who showed solidarity, wishing me a quick recovery,…Sentiments that drove me to cry.” 

“Friends! On my behalf say thanks to my family .. The hair of my head and also that of my mustache has fallen because of the chemotherapy. I knew that would happen to me..I used to smile and say to myself: My hair has made an alms giving for me!

My family has brought me to tears. My wife Amani has caused me to cry .. She went out with all her beautiful hair on. Then she returned swaggering and her voice singing with joy, saying: Hashim, I took it off!

My kids caused me to cry. For without any prior agreement among them, they all of them took their hair off.. Oh! Those balds! Oh! That solidarity that causes me to weep..weep!".

Hashim Karrar is a journalist, story writer and poet. He worked for sometime in the Sudanese press. Then he moved to Qatar to serve in the Alwatan newspaper. He was much celebrated by his readers for his merry writing, his strange ideas and his daring presentation.

Karrar has a number of published books, the last one containing selected articles from his column in the newspaper which was very much appreciated by the readers, including former Culture and Information Minister Faisal Mohammad Salih who wrote:

It was not just the selected topics and issues that characterize Karrar, but his special language and the novel expressions that draw from his background as a story writer and poet.  

Hashim Karrar is writing a new and extended life for the press column: Once when he writes it in a new manner in the Alwatan newspaper and once when he publishes it in this book, availing it for those who do not read the newspaper.



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