Prof. Fathiya Ajab Licenses Medicine From Sudanese Tree In The USA

Prof. Fathiya Ajab Licenses  Medicine From Sudanese Tree In The USA

NEW YORK, US (Sudanow) - Sudanese Professor Fathiya Ajab Algaddal, has licensed an important medicine she extracted from the local acacia nilotica tree which was proved to raise immunity and help with digestion in addition to its anti-oxidant properties.

The drug has been licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as supplement under the name Fanilotiva, Multi Vitamins. It has been manufactured by the American Pharmedica US, Phoenix AZ.

The major components of the drug are: fruits of Acacia Nilotica tree (locally called garad) and nigella sativa (also locally grown in Sudan under the name alhabba alsawda), in addition to natural nutritional suspension substances, phosphorus, omega3 and vitamins H and K.  

Prof. Fathiya is a professor in the department of Biology at Touro College, New York City.

She says has first developed the medicine as a treatment for Covid 19.

"I have developed a great botanical treatment for covid- 19, but I need an MD or DO investigator as the FDA suggested to lead this trial in hospital in order to be approved," she tweeted at an early stage.

The garad is traditionally used in Sudan for the treatment of colds, dental pain and fevers.

It is also effectively used in the tanning of hides.

The usually colossal 'sunut' tree bearing the garad fruit grows widely along rivers and water pools in Sudan.

Professor Fathiya has a published book about the Acacia nilotica and some studies including one on The Activity of Acacia nilotica extraction on colon cancer.

The Sudanese community in New York has celebrated this big achievement of Prof Fathiya in an event organized by its social affairs committee.


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