Tens Of Thousands March In Defense Of Transition To Civilian Rule

Tens Of Thousands March In Defense Of Transition To Civilian Rule

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KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The forces of the Sudanese December 2019 Revolution have once again expressed their vigil and their readiness to defend their revolution when they marched in tens of thousands Thursday to confirm their rejection of any attempt to obstruct the transition to civilian democratic rule. 

The country’s political atmospheres had seen a tension  between the civilian-military partners in the transitional government on the heels of a reportedly foiled military coup.

Following the failed coup attempt, Chairman of the Sovereignty Council (the head of state), General Burhan, and his deputy, General Hemaidti, had heaped  lots of accusations on the civilian component of the government as the cause of the economic deterioration, in what was seen by observers as an attempt to market the military as an alternative to the civilians to lead the country.   

Here the forces of the Revolution decided to escalate and mobilize  the masses to show the strength of the call for civilian rule.

The political and professional forces, the civil society organizations and the resistance committees took part in the massive marches to call for and confirm the need for maintaining the revolution’s principles of turning to civilian rule, the rejection of military coups and the domination of the military component in the structures of the transitional government and their apparent attempt not to turn the chairmanship of the Sovereignty Council to a civilian as stipulated in the Constitutional Document .

Protesters incoming from the outlying districts of Atbara and Wad Medani aboard trains also took part in the marches.

The arrival of the Atbara protesters was delayed for long hours because of intentional acts of subversion committed on the rails, a matter that inflamed the fury of the protesters here in Khartoum.

Throngs of citizens had poured around the premises of the high-level committee charged to trace and retrieve the money and properties stolen by the operatives of the defunct regime,  to show their backing to the committee, chanting: "Freedom, Peace and Justice, Civilian Rule is the People’s Choice.”

In the same way as they have
rejected military coups and called for the establishment of a civilian rule, the protesters also called for the removal of differences among the components of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) who lead the revolution and formed the civilian government, in order not to allow coup plotters and elements of the defunct regime to return to power. They also called for completing the structures of the transitional authority.


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