Sudan Mourns Prominent Artists Abdelrahman Abdalla And Yousif Algedail

Sudan Mourns Prominent Artists  Abdelrahman Abdalla And Yousif Algedail

L: Singer Abdelrahman Abdalla and musician Yousif Algedail

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Sudanese were saddened Friday over the departure of two prominent arts figures: renowned singer melodist Abdelrahman Abdalla and musician Yousif Algedail.

The two great artists hail from Kordofan Region in the mid-west and have contributed a good deal  to the proliferation of the musical culture of the Kordofan Region around the country.

According to Journalist Salah Shuaib the Kordofan Region has played a big role in the progress of the development of Sudanese melody, providing skilled musicians and masterly poets  and singers who reaffirmed the importance of the diversity of poetry, singing and music.

“There is no doubt that the music presented by the Kordofan artists had its effect on all the Sudanese regions, though at varying degrees,” said Shuaib.

He said the Kodofani artists had the nerve to present art different from what is known as the Omdurman song (of central Sudan), introducing the mardoom and jarrari music which was welcomed in all parts of Sudan. This acceptance of the Kordofani  music has helped the graduates of the Music College to research many unheard of tunes of Sudan. This wide acceptance of the Kordofani singing heritage has also encouraged a number of Darfur artists such as singer Omar Ehsas, Musician Almansouri and others to come forward and  exhibit the beauty of their region’s music.

Artist Abdelrahman Abdalla was born in the town of Bara in Kordofan in 1950. He started his musical life there and then moved to Khartoum in 1971 to join his fellow Kordofani musicians Ibrahim Musa Abba, Siddiq Abbas and Abdelgadir Salim and to make a new artistic phenomenon that drew the attention of Sudanese who liked to call them “the Kordofan artists” and their works “the Kordofani songs.”

Abdalla’s voice was totally different from his preceding artists. He had a strong throat,  ringing with love. He imposed his presence and his stardom, presenting captivating performance that touched the  senses. That has caused  him to be called the baloam of the West (the West’s singing bird.”

Abdalla was known to have composed the melodies of all his songs that counted more than 300.

Musician Algedail, born in the Kordofani City of Alobied in 1961, is seen as a pioneer of new musical thought, according to music professor Dr. Almahi Suleiman.

“Many consider Algedail one of the leading musical figures who made a turn in musical performance in the last three decades when he shone as a singer, melodist, musician and poet, said Prof Suleiman.

Algedail’s affluent creativity has contributed to the enriching of the Sudanese collective conscience and he was an important landmark among the artists of the 1990s, the most prominent of whom was the legend of youthful singing late Mahmoud Abdelaziz. Algedail had written the music and melody of more than 30 of Abdelaziz's songs.

Artist Algedail’s talent has qualified him to win the prize of the best melody in the Arab Song Festival in Cairo, in 2010.

As a young kid, Algedail had mastered the guitar, then the violin and the lute.

He first served as a musical supervisor at the Teacher Training Institute in Deleng (Kordofan) during 1984-1990.

He then moved to the Capital Khartoum to become very active in the youth centers and  the Artists Union.

Gedail had striven to present new melodies and musical ideas that marry modernity with tradition. Then he joined the College of Music and Drama of the Sudan University of Science and Technology to graduate from it in 2000 with a degree in music.



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