More Martyrs Of The Revolution Ascend To High Heavens

More Martyrs Of The Revolution Ascend To High Heavens

Some of the martyrs (local media photos)

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Still the men and women of the Sudan continue to give a rare example of courage and faithfulness to the promise they made  to protect the December 2018 Revolution, presenting new 40 martyrs in the state of Khartoum alone in the ongoing protests against the 25 October 2021 military coup.

The Medical Doctors Union has put the number of the martyrs who rose up to the heavens during the 17 November demonstrations at 15, killed with firearms and most of them in Khartoum North, Khartoum’s twin city across the River Blue Nile here.

More than 100 were also hurt in these confrontations, 80 of them with live ammunition.

A repeat of international condemnations of this brutal suppression of the protesters continues to come through, including from the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet who

condemned the "disproportionate and deadly use of force" against the protesters. "The Sudanese people have a right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. The use of excessive force – such as firing live bullets – to repress the expression of those rights is unlawful and unjustified", the commissioner stated.

The authorities still continue to deny the authorized and video- documented killings which are also evidenced in the several pavilions of mourning set by the victims’ families around the City.

According to media outlets a statement by the Sudanese Police Thursday said: "We could discern that there was a single fatality for a citizen in Khartoum North, in addition to the injury of 89 policemen and 30 citizens due to suffocation from tear gas”.

Journalist Amal Mohammad Alhassan has raised the question: How many martyrs does Burhan want as a proof of the Sudanese people’s sure rejection of Military rule?

These young men and women do not seem to be deterred from going out demonstrating in order to protect the objectives of their Revolution and to show their desire for a civilian democratic state, declaring their rejection of the military coup, despite their knowledge that live ammunition,  tear gas and arrests are waiting for them.

Glory to the martyrs, a quick recovery for those hurt and a safe return home for those still unaccounted for.


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