Public Library Opened In Gedaref

Public Library Opened In Gedaref

GEDAREF (Sudanow) - The Eastern City of Gedaref has seen the rehabiltaion and inauguration of its Public Library by Nirvana Cultural Foundation.

It is a new addition from Nirvana Cultural Foundation to the legacy of British Ranfurly library, the founder of Gedaref Public Library.

The old library has 1,175 text books on elementary physics, statistical physics, General Chemistry, Unified mathematics and Biology. The shelves from Ranfurly days still retains university references on Surgery, kidney transplant, microbiology, Histology, Tropical Infectious Diseases and Nutrition. There are a number of specialized Dictionaries related to English, French, Technology, Natural History, Technology and Genetics. More over, there are 24 copies of different volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica. 

In a ceremony graced by the manager of the Foundation, Muhannad Aldabi, and Alwaseela Fath Alrahman, the director of the Gedaref State’s Culture and Information Administration, it was also announced that the Foundation would further open five more libraries in the State’s other localities before the end of March, according to a protocol signed with the Nervana Foundation.

Mr. Muhannad has announced the donation of 500 medical reference books to the library. The shipment, which will be delivered later on, will also include an additional electronic library.

Muhannad said completely committed to launch a cultural cinema of documentary cultural films at the library.

He said a youth and women training center as well as a children center will also be launched.

Nirvana will also publish cultural books for the district’s children.

Muhannad also said committed to organize a monthly workshop on creative writing and the reading marathon.

Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer, a secondary school teacher and a writer, said "I've been delighted by visiting the library for various reasons: first, it has received a collection of books that represent diverse experiences of writing stimulating for me in translation and pursuing my journalistic aspirations. Moreover, I share many people the hobby of reading, the library has retrieved some lost care after suffering from a negligence that one day provoked one of readers to remark; The books here look like very ancient manuscripts"!

lots of books here carry autographs and seal of International Rescue Committee, operating currently in Gedaref state as well as RanFurly library in memory of lord Ranfurly, a British politician, a former member of Commons House and Governor of Newzealnd in the reign of queen Victoria, Omer said. In 1994 RanFurly library name had been converted into "Book Aid International" whose patron since 1966 has been Prince Philip.

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